Action Planning Workshops


  • Trust Index© Action Planning Workshops are onsite learning events designed and facilitated to delve deeper into your Trust Index© results and understand the key strengths and critical show- stoppers within your organization.
  • The workshop, aimed at the leadership team, not only prioritizes key focus areas that drive a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ or arrives at concrete action plans by utilizing the employees’ perspective from the Trust Index© survey, but also creates a common understanding of a great workplace among the participants.
  • The workshop aims to generate awareness about what the best companies in India and the world are doing to create and sustain an environment that inspires employees to deliver above and beyond expectations.
  • The workshop can be conducted with internal engagement champions as a Train-the-Trainer program.
  • The organizational action planning workshop can also be followed up by Business or Function level action planning workshops.

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  • Our comprehensive approach with a proven business impact.
  • Panel of experienced facilitators with 20+ years of industry and facilitation experience to drive these sessions.
  • Largest and latest Benchmarks, Best People Practices across Industries, both Indian and Global.
  • Exhaustive research, case studies and experience in employee engagement.
  • Effective Tools and Technology for Action Plan implementation through our Trust Impact portal.

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