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hH qo India's Best Workplaces for Women - 2018 - Great Place To Work® India

India's Best Workplaces for Women - 2018

Great Place to Work® Inc. has been identifying and recognizing the Top 100 Best Workplaces for Women in USA since 2015. Great Place to Work Institute, India is delighted to announce the inaugural edition of India’s Best Workplaces for Women-2018, to honour companies that enable and empower women to build successful careers.The assessment involved studying the employee experience in these organizations and the people practices these organizations have designed in order to deliver the desired experience to their employees. There was a rigorous validation process based on which 50 organizations qualified for this study, and the Top 15 in the country have been recognized as the Best Workplaces for Women-2018. These are being published in alphabetical order.

Organization NameIndustryEmployee StrengthWebsite
American Express IndiaFinancial Services and Insurance11882www.americanexpress.com/India/Amex‎
GE Appliances, a Haier companyInformation Technology319https://www.geappliances.com/our-company/
HERE Solutions India Private LimitedInformation Technology3657https://www.here.com/en
HPInformation Technology7469www.hp.com
Inorbit Malls India Private LimitedRetail170www.inorbit.in
Intuit IndiaInformation Technology974www.intuit.com
Jones Lang Lasalle Property Consultants (India) Private LimitedConstruction, Infrastructure and Real Estate7304www.joneslanglasalle.com
Kronos IncorporatedInformation Technology872www.kronos.in
Marriott Hotels India Private LimitedHospitality16000www.marriott.com
PayPal India Private LimitedInformation Technology1559www.paypal.com
Pegasystems Worldwide India Private LimitedInformation Technology1430http://www.pega.com/
People Combine Educational InitiativesEducation and Training1468www.peoplecombine.com
SAP Labs India Private LimitedInformation Technology7423https://www.sap.com/india/index.html
SEWA RuralNon-profit and Charity Organizations268www.sewarural.org
Tata Communications LimitedTelecommunications9014www.tatacommunications.com

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Step 3:
We would validate and share the highlights of the assessment results and communicate if you have met the thresholds of certification


Step 4:
On successfully meeting the thresholds, your organisation will be awarded the Great Place to Work® Certification, for you to use for your Employer Branding.
Reports & Insights

& Insights

Step 5:
Organizations can choose and buy from our various reporting options to get insights, benchmarks and recommendations based on the results



Step 6:
You’ll be automatically considered for all our Best Workplaces lists for 12 months from your date of evaluation.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® Institute is the Global Authority on Workplace Culture Assessment. Our proprietary and globally validated framework is considered the Gold Standard in workplace culture assessment and is endorsed by over 10,000 organizations in more than 58 countries across the globe. These organizations trust the Great Place to Work® Model to enable them to build and sustain a High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM. In India, we study more than 700 organizations every year and identify the best as Great Place to Work – CertifiedTM Organizations.

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