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Bharti Foundation, Transforming India – One Village at a Time, through the Power of Education

Bharti Foundation is an organization that is one of the torchbearers of Transforming India – one village at a time. It is powered by its vision ‘to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential’.

The organization provides free quality education to underprivileged children, many of whom are first-generation learners in rural India, through its flagship Satya Bharti Schools Program. With a particular focus on the girl child, the program aims to deliver transformative education to children to become educated, responsible, and self-reliant citizens with a deep sense of commitment to society. Students are also provided free uniforms, textbooks, notebooks, stationery, mid-day meals and other welfare schemes.

Activities within and outside the classrooms are given equal importance to encourage students to learn ‘from life for life’, thereby inculcating in them the right values, attitudes, life skills and confidence. Parents, community, and like-minded organisations are active partners in the schools, and all the Satya Bharti Schools uphold this way of functioning.

During COVID, within a short period of the lockdown, the entire Satya Bharti Schooling system turned virtual. Due to structured programs around training parents on home-mentoring and phone-PTMs, where parents were taught how to download apps and use them at home for their children’s studies. This ensured that the shift to a virtual system was established with ease. Today over 80% of students are connected with their teachers in class-based groups. Both WhatsApp based and online classes are being held. Students without a smartphone are being taught through group voice calls. The teachers were given training on teaching virtually, and most of them experimented and created their teaching videos and online content. Online projects and competitions kept students engaged with creative activities as well to keep their motivation high.

With this, the Bharti Foundation is steadily moving towards its goal ‘to improve the quality and accessibility of education at school level across rural India and to provide training and education opportunities to the youth of our country, in order to make them employable’.

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