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How Landmark Joins Forces on Employee Engagement

The Laureate winner, Lifestyle International Private Limited places employee engagement and collaboration at the heart of their work and their initiative–House Concept–reflects it the best.

The essence of this shines through when we look at their journey from 2013 to 2022. Over the years, consistently 9 out of 10 employees have said that Landmark Group is a great place to work.

The belief that engaged employees pave the way for an engaging customer experience is embedded in House Concept. This initiative is democratic as it comprises a cross- functional council run by employees for employees.

Employees from across functions are grouped into four Houses named after the seasons – Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring. Each House has a captain, vice-captain, and leads assigned, and all the teams are responsible for driving engagement activities.

The outcome of this initiative has been increased engagement and cross-functional collaboration. Let’s have a look at some of the key events driven by House Concept –

5 Key Events by House Concept that Drive Engagement

  1. Clash of Icons

    Landmark Group witnessed improvement in Camaraderie, specifically with respect to support during internal role transfers.This was measured using the statement, “When people change jobs or work units, they are made to feel right at home,” in which they saw an increase of about 30% during the peak pandemic years of 2020 to 2022.

    Building a sense of camaraderie is of paramount importance to ensure optimal smoothness when switching job roles. Clash of Icons is one such program that managed to foster collaboration pan India for Landmark Group, while not dropping the ball on fairness. Here is how –

    It is an initiative that focuses on creating a standardized and structured performance-based culture.

    All employees, including ones at the store and regional offices and company contract roles, are a part of this annual recognition program reiterating the fact that it is a Great Place to Work for ALL.

    Each House is scored on 10 parameters, such as Big Bills, Mystery Audit scores, Zero Attrition, and Cheque Leaf Received, to name a few. Every House member can accumulate up to 20 points on each parameter. This score then gets added to the overall House record.

    Post reviews and checks, data for each House gets updated. At the Store Level, the best house is awarded every quarter with a team lunch. At the Regional level, the best house is awarded annually with trophies and certificates.

  2. Landmark Cinema

    A grand success, this short-film competition provided a forum for employees to showcase their creative side. Employees had to carry out the A-to-Zs of filmmaking by themselves.

    Their films were uploaded on an internal social media platform and winners were decided democratically, basis the number of likes and reactions their film garnered.

  3. Landmark Escape Room Competition

    The employees at Landmark Group leveraged the digital offerings by organizing an adventurous escape room online! They divided players into teams of four. Over three rounds, the players were tested on their wits and time management.

    This activity, apart from being one of its kind in this initiative’s history, was wildly successful. The escape room competition fostered team spirit and healthy competition in the most engaging way.

  4. Landmark Badminton Tournament

    After a long break owing to the pandemic, an in-person tournament was held. With high participation by over 100 employees, the event witnessed incredible sportsmanship.

    The match was followed by a felicitation ceremony where the winners were lauded with medals, trophies, and Lifestyle gift vouchers.

  5. Virtual Quiz Competition

    Lifestyle kindled their employees’ competitive spirit with a heated quiz competition. 20 participants’ knowledge in five spheres, including Retail Insights, Current Affairs, Sports, Landmark Group & Business, was put to test. A member from House Winter stole the show by emerging first with the most points. With that said, House Autumn donned their thinking caps and secured the remaining 3 positions.

The impact of these initiatives can be seen via employee feedback again. In the Great Place to Work® Workplace Assessment, on aspects related to cooperation and mutual caring, there has been an increase of 21% and 14% respectively over the last two years.

Let’s hear it from the voice of a House member at Lifestyle –
“House Concept (happiness movement) is a great platform to meet more people & have fun after work. It helps in maintaining work-life balance, healthy competition and brotherhood among the employees.”

Ananya Ramesh, Senior Analyst – Consulting

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