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ISS Facility Services India Private Limited, Enabling People to achieve their Purpose – Championing Employment Generation

ISS operates on its core philosophy ‘people make places and places make people’. They help people from across the spectrum to achieve their purpose. Whether it’s hospitals healing patients, businesses boosting productivity, airports transferring passengers or manufacturing sites producing goods, ISS is there to help. Championing the social agenda of the country, like employment generation, is built into its Business Model. ISS recruits from the most backward rural areas and urban slums across the country and trains them to be employable. While doing this, the organization is committed to the overarching goals of enhancing the skilling infrastructure, focus on diversity and equal representation of the genders, financial literacy, social security and digital empowerment.

The frontline staff of ISS that represent the largest chunk of its employee base and is drawn from the less-privileged section of society and every part of the country and is then skilled and trained for social mobility. The numbers and scale at which this is done is what makes it impactful.

Great Place to Work® India

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