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Kotak Mahindra Bank, Powering India’s Financial Infrastructure – through Credibility & Trust

Powered by the vision of being a global Indian financial services brand, the most preferred employer in the financial services domain, the most trusted FinServ company and a value creator, Kotak Mahindra Bank has and continues to contribute by way of being one of the banking and financial services infrastructure builders in the country. In a developing economy like India, financial services infrastructure is one of the supporting pillars. The organization’s brand is synonymous with credibility and trust with a solid ethos of robust corporate governance.

Kotak Bank has strong focus on community development and inclusive growth which is reflected by the group’s initiatives to provide low-cost services to rural customers and its welfare programmes. The organization believes that that education is key to the alleviation of the social malaise afflicting India’s under-privileged. In a bid to address this issue, he has established the Kotak Education Foundation, which focuses on the educational needs of underprivileged children.

The Kotak Education Foundation has been engaged in empowering young people from underprivileged families through various education-based initiatives and equipping them with employable skills so they can grow and live with dignity. It offers livelihood support to children and youth from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

Under its Healthcare initiative, among other things, Kotak Mahindra Bank runs fleets of medical mobile vans in rural areas, in collaboration with the Wockhardt Foundation, administering free primary healthcare to 25 million Indians every year. These Medical Mobile Vans provide a wide array of medical services that range from helping the homeless to assisting disaster victims. Some of the other areas where the organization runs its programme are rehabilitation of PWDs, support and care for cancer patients and survivors, particularly children, high-quality IT-enabled primary health care services to the underserved and vulnerable population, particularly mother and infant care, through an innovative digital platform, relief work during natural disasters, promoting sporting culture of the country, payroll donation drives and sponsoring its employees for running for various social causes. 

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