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Winning with People at the Core

People Practices form the Core of the Organizational Culture

Excelling on all the five dimensions of High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie – DHL Express India Private Limited is recognized among India’s Best Companies to Work For 2021 – Rank 1. The fact that DHL gets glowing employee engagement survey results is because the company is doing a lot of things right.

One of the initiatives at DHL Express India Private Limited highlights their commitment to their culture.

Employee Opinion Survey: Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) is a unique process of giving feedback on the organization’s policies and practices, this feedback even reaches straight up to the Board level. The survey gathers feedback from all the employees and given to all the managers and leaders. It is conducted to listen to the “Voice of the Employee”, understand their concerns and proactively address their issues. The questions are designed to gauge the level of commitment and motivation among employees. Action items are prepared through focus group discussions on areas of improvement by each function, location, and unit. A strong follow up is done to make sure that the voice of employees is addressed. Read more on DHL’s ‘Best People Practices’ here.

Dedicated and consistent efforts such as these make a huge difference in employee engagement between the Best Workplaces and the rest.

Great Place to Work® Institute has been studying the best workplaces for more than three decades in over 60 countries. This has led us to conclude that a Great Workplace Culture is a direct result of strong focus on initiatives dedicated to increasing employee engagement and consistent Leadership Behaviour.

There exists a strong case of investing in efforts dedicated to increase employee engagement because:

  1. It converts organizational values into positive employee experience, which develops into a High-Trust High-Performance Culture™.
  2. It leads to a sense of Pride and Camaraderie resulting in an enhanced level of employee performance.
  3. Continuous investment in assessing and enhancing employee engagement is not only a crucial part of building trust and sustaining a Great Place to Work® FOR ALL, but also leads to long term organizational success.

Our data shows a clear effect of investing in employee focused practices on
improvement in employee engagement. In a longitudinal study covering all
organizations participating in our study for the last three years, we found 85% of them have seen a significant increase in employee engagement where even a slight improvement in employee focused practices were observed.

Best Workplaces invest heavily in initiatives dedicated to increasing employee engagement.

Our research report on India’s Best Companies to Work For 2021 highlighted that during 2020-21, – a year characterized by unprecedented economic and social challenges, not only has Corporate India reported the highest ever year-on-year increase in positive employee experience but also invested heavily in introducing practices to create a Great Place to Work FOR ALL. This focus on practices to increase employee engagement has helped organizations fuel positive employee experience in best workplaces.

It is also about the design.

We observed that there is a significant difference between levels of employee engagement and trust within the organizations who are focused on creating original and differentiated practices for employees versus the rest. Clear evidence that designing practices with focus on originality and differentiation goes a long way in building trust and enhancing employee engagement within the organization.

Is your company focusing on Designing Remarkable Practices?

See the full list of India’s Best Companies to Work For 2021 that are focusing on gathering feedback from employees and transforming their company culture – helping us get closer to our mission of ‘Making India a great place to work FOR ALL’. Apply to get your company recognized on any of our upcoming Best WorkplacesTM lists.

Suraj is our Research Analyst. Suraj works in our Research and Development team to derive deep insights about building and sustaining High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures™. When Suraj is not sifting through all the research and data at Great Place to Work® India, he’s probably perfecting his music skills or planning his next treks.

Suraj Jadhav

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