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Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation – Findings from 150 Manufacturing Organizations

Importance of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is a vital aspect of an organization as its performance depends on how motivated its employees are. We want to highlight our research findings on main factors that influence employee motivation

Motivational factors for your employees

While there are many factors that can boost employee motivation, we have highlighted the most important of them based on our research.

employee motivation

Motivating employees during crisis

The current pandemic situation has brought about a plethora of changes in the lives of our entire race. Among all the adapting that we have to do to keep up with these modified state of affairs, it is useful to identify some key factors that help us keep ourselves and those around us,sane and at peace.

From a workplace standpoint, some of us might be getting used to or even enjoying the new ways of working, while some of us might be having a really hard time in this new normal. What remains constant is- how much more our organizations need us and our discretionary efforts at this particular time. This question becomes a lot more pertinent in the most effected industries. Manufacturing, being a key one among them.

Hence, it becomes relevant for leaders to ask- What motivates an employee in difficult times? What can organizations possibly do to keep their employees’ motivationor morale high and push them to give that discretionary effort which the organization really needs.

According to Great Place to Work®’s Study on India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing 2020, there are five extremely practicable factors which if you ingrain in your company’s culture, you are likely to increase your employee motivation levels by a good 23%.

Our research reveals Top 5 techniques to keep up employee motivation-

Great Place to Work® studies the work culture of over 1000 organizations in India every year, based on their global framework. After studying the work culture of nearly 150 manufacturing organizations, last year, basis the feedback of their employees and a holistic evaluation of their HR initiatives& practices, this is what Great Place to Work® found as factors boosting employee motivation:

Inspiring Pride boosts motivation

Being inspired by those around them and by the way one is contributing to the society through their work, is an essential factor for employee motivation. The employees which witness that their efforts are making some significant impact are more likely to be inspired to do their job with greater vigour than those who think they are executing ‘just a job’ without any significant impact.

S.C. Johnson introduced the practice of Inspiring workstations where they ran a contest called “Mera Wala Space” which required employees to decorate their workstation with anything that makes the space reflect them as a person and energizes them every day. All employees were given the opportunity to decorate their workstation with things that inspire them the most to make the workstations look truly inspiring.

Family/Team Feeling helps your employees to be motivated

When it comes to working through critical times, it is crucial for the employees to feel like ‘they are in it together’. The easiest way to bring about this feeling is tomaintain a bond like family at the workplace.Knowing that one can rely and depend on their team-mates or co-workers, goes a long way in boosting an employee’s motivation levels. Similarly, being cared for, by their colleagues and celebrating milestones with them, further instils the family spirit.

Godfrey Philips India believes that a collaborative, cross-functional approach is one of the best ways to include and drive employee creativity. They deploy the ‘micro battle’ approach, wherein they give out their most challenging problems to employees that are worked on and solved by small, agile cross-functional teams that focus on small wins and establish a process that gets cascaded company-wide after due testing. Such an approach takes care of speedy wins in the market and paves way for institutionalizing the right recipe of business success.

“We have defined and worked towards a progressive, diverse and inclusive (PDI) workplace culture. All our employee initiatives and programs are built and revolve around the key theme of PDI. Further, the backdrop of a collaborative and inclusive work culture leads towards a positive disposition among employee demographics and that’s what makes Ingersoll Rand a great place to work.” – Anil Gopinathan, Vice President & General Manager, Ingersoll Rand Engineering and Technology Centres in India

Inclusion & Sense of Belonging improves motivation

Could an employee be motivated to work efficiently in a discriminated or excluded setting? Of course not. Having an environment of inclusion, free from all barriers of discrimination, acts as a motivator for employees to give their best. As per Great Place to Work®’s research, 80% of the Best Workplaces in Manufacturing have a specific person appointed in the organization to effectively combat discrimination and promote a sense of belonging for all, at the workplace.

Godrej Consumer Products’ Gender Affirmation policy provides support for the medical expenses that an eligible employee might incur while undergoing gender transition. Also, since gender dysphoria can lead to serious mental and physical health issues, they have initiated gender neutral washrooms in their office.

Psychological wellness is vital for being motivated

While physical safety and health is what instantly comes to mind when speaking of wellness, it is equally important to pay attention to the psychological and emotional wellbeing of one’s employees. It is an essential factor to keep employees motivated to perform their job. Unless and until an employee is in a state of peace mentally and emotionally, they would not be able to give their best. The question an organization should ask is- what are they doing to ensure their employees’ psychological wellbeing. This not only impacts an employee’s motivation and productivity but also improves quality of life and relationships at and outside the workplace.

Rane Engine Valve, a Great Place to Work-Certified™ manufacturing organization from Chennai, has started a theme-based engagement initiative called ‘Staying Connected During Self Quarantine Days’. It aims to engage and connect with employees to create a personal bonding and to overcome their social isolation. This initiative covers various interactions on personal and professional topics, which brings out the real self of the individual. The topics range from ‘how was your first day of work’ to ‘sharing of self-written poems’. This has brought out a lot of creativity amongst employees and facilitated a sense of belongingness due to constant interactions.

Management credibility and reliability

For an employee to be motivated to perform to their fullest, they need to have faith and trust in their leadership. Especially in times of uncertainty, if the employees trust that their management is capable of directing the organization towards a successful future, they are likely to be more motivated to contribute in driving towards that future. Anoffshoot of the same is management’s demonstrated care. Witnessing that one is valued by their management as more than just a resource, goes a long wayinmotivatingtheemployee.Leaders at the Best workplaces in Manufacturing effectively articulate and communicate their vision and strategy to employees, with only 7% employees, on an average, who are not experiencing trust and connect with the future vision.

Organizations that care about employee feedback perform better

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge facing organizations across the globe, and it puts a premium on being a high trust people-first culture” said Michael C. Bush, Global CEO of Great Place to Work®.

Though these are difficult times, organizations that understand the importance of capturing the feedback of their employees and act on it, are likely to come out stronger and outperform those that do not give attention to employee wellbeing.

The simple reason is demonstrated care. Whether times are good or bad, all employees like to feel heard and like to witness their management incorporating their feedback. This naturally makes the employees more loyal towards the organization and motivates them to work hard.

Great Place to Work® is the Gold Standard in when it comes to Employer Brand recognition and to obtaining actionable insights in to improving employee experience.

-Great Place to Work® India

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