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An organization’s culture has a significant impact on its business outcomes.

This has been established time and again. A study of shareholder returns of the publicly listed great workplaces by RSM India reveals that best workplaces consistently outperform major stock indices such as BSE Sensex 30, Nifty 50 and CNX Nifty – Total Returns Index. In their most recent study, the best workplaces have outperformed major stock indices by a factor of 3 and have yielded almost 7x returns on initial investment!

Leaders who build High-Trust High-Performance™ organizations are able to do so by aligning employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders towards common, mutually beneficial objectives.

What are these elements of culture that such leaders are keenly interested in understanding?

And how can these be measured in a continuous, yet simple, way?

Great Place to Work® Institute now offers a real-time technology platform that enables you to speak to and listen to your employees daily. It is your GPS to track your workplace culture.

To build a Culture of Listening in your organization, schedule a one-on-one dedicated demo with our experts now.

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  • Shameel Sharma


    ACS Solutions

    For all CEO's / CXO's who are attempting to be the next #greatplacetowork and are losing track of your teams on account of the current COVID 19 situation, you can approach the Great Place to Work® Institute and utilize their CEO Culture Dashboard. The dashboard receives data from a daily survey - one question per employee per day, which provides amazing indicators of your team's health, happiness, and views. I am using it and fully endorse the value it provides.

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Organizations that create great workplace culture for their employees, perform better.

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Our proprietary and globally validated framework is considered the Gold Standard in workplace culture assessment.

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