Trust Index© Employee Survey

Make the Trust Index© survey the backbone of your employee feedback architecture.
Trust Index© Survey helps you infer employees’ perception of your organization culture.

  • Gather in-depth insights on the experience of all employees at both organization and team level and understand precise levers of engagement at your organization.
  • Our consultant will work along with your organization to customize the Trust Index© survey to capture the employee value propositions of your organization.
  • Identify high-impact focus areas through our detailed analysis report and insights sessions by our consultant.
  • Get access to unparalleled benchmarking data and best organization and people manager practices.
  • Create an employee engagement mindset in the organization by empowering leaders and managers to receive areport on their team’s engagement, benchmark themselves against peers and percentile comparators and create their individual development plans

Key Features

  • Feedback sought from two perspectives – organization and workgroup/ team
  • Survey customised to suit your needs by adding customised statements and demographic options
  • Surveys can be launched in multiple Indian and international languages
  • Multiple methods available for conducting surveys – online, paper – pencil and kiosk
  • Easy access to survey response data for any employee group using our Reporting Portal
  • Results are compared with industry, national and global benchmarks
  • Unparalleled insights from the best workplaces

Go beyond data.
Access actionable insights like comparison with benchmarks,

areas of improvement and key drivers of engagement.


Leverage Great Place to Work® Analytics to build a High-Trust, High- Performance Culture™.
Our customized Analytics insights will enable you to drive business action and empower your organization’s vision. A Great Place to Work® consultant will work with your organization to achieve the following:

  • Help business leaders make better decisions – Discover how to optimize organization spends by identifying high impact initiatives and intervention needs.
  • Talent Management – Identify your top High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM people managers, understand how to engage your key talent archetypes.
  • Predictive Analytics – Attrition Modelling (identify current employee groups at flight risk and indicators of attrition) and Culture Fit Modelling (measure culture fit of candidates during hiring process).

Culture Audit© - People Practice Assessment

The Culture Audit© helps answer if your people practices create a great workplace.
It is a tool to analyze the policies, practices, programs and day-to-day management behaviours that underpin a workplace culture. It helps you in evaluating the effectiveness of programs, policies and practices that foster credibility within workgroups and promote a culture based on trust. Culture Audit© involves a management questionnaire that encompasses areas such as Inspiring, Speaking, Listening, Thanking, Developing, Caring, Hiring, Celebrating and Sharing and enables a comprehensive assessment of workplace culture. It can be used in combination with the Trust Index© for a more comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s workplace practices.

Employee Value Proposition Survey

Employee Value Proposition Survey infers employees’ perception of your organization culture.
Great Place to Work® Institute uses a unique methodology to help an organization identify and define a unique and compelling employee value proposition. The focus is on identifying the engagement and retention drivers of the key talent archetypes within the organization. After defining the Employee Value Proposition, it is important to ensure that the people practices and line managers are aligned in order to deliver the employer brand promise. Great Place to Work® helps define the roadmap to deliver the brand promise.

People Manager Effectiveness Survey

How effectively do your managers create a great workplace culture?
People managers play a key role in engagement, productivity and performance of their team members. Great managers enable their teams to give their personal best and work together to achieve common business goals. Great Place to Work® Institute has designed a 20-statement instrument that can be administered on a quarterly or biannual basis in your organization to seek frequent feedback from employees on the quality of their interactions and experience with their managers. You will receive an organizational understanding of the perception in various workgroups and each manager can also receive an individual report of his/her team feedback. This can also be followed up with a half-day workshop to interpret the scores and help managers create an action plan.

360° Trust Appraisal©

The Great Place to Work® 360° Trust Appraisal© survey infers contribution of your people managers to a great workplace culture.
It evaluates the attitudes and behaviours of individual managers, including senior leaders, frontline supervisors and department managers. Great Place to Work® designs and administers 360-degree Trust Appraisal© surveys. This offers individual leaders specific feedback about how they are perceived by their supervisor, colleagues, as well as direct reports. The instrument can be customized to suit your organization’s leadership competencies.

Internal Customer Perception Index

Internal Customer Perception Index enables support functions to seek structured feedback from their internal customers.
It is a customized survey that will help your organization to discover perception on key aspects of services provided by enabling functions like Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology and Administration. It seeks feedback on existing internal processes & systems as well as the level of service quality and service orientation; leads to action plans for enhanced service quality.

Build a Great Workplace Culture