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Gather in-depth insights on the experience of all employees at both organization and team level and understand critical levers of engagement at your organization. Our analytics help business leaders make better decisions – Discover how to optimize organization spends by identifying high impact initiatives and intervention needs. Create an environment of personal best and discretionary effort in the organization by empowering leaders and managers to receive data on their team’s engagement, benchmark themselves against peers and percentile comparators. Prioritize what to action with support from best practices and suggestions from great workplaces.

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Customized Employee Experience Survey

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Who is it for?

  • Organizations who would like to assess the prevalent employee experience through a structured, globally validated framework backed by over 30 years of research.
  • The assessment and analytics insights will help identify high impact initiatives and intervention needs, help prioritize what to action and support in the action planning process by providing best practices and suggestions from great workplaces.
  • Leaders who would like to bring about a culture shift that will enable employees to achieve organizational objectives by giving their personal best and working together as a team.
  • Our solutions will also behove organizations and leaders who, after laying a good cultural foundation, would like to assess the impact of their people programmes at regular intervals and make course corrections to their internal action plans.
  • Organizations who want to assess how effectively people managers are creating great workplace culture in their span of control and provide managers with required feedback to enhance team experience.
  • Organizations looking for an integrated platform that enables leaders and people managers leverage actionable insights to craft and track impactful actions plans as well as measure their impact on the go.

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