Employee Value Proposition


  • The intervention helps leaders articulate their organization’s Employee Value Proposition aligned to organization’s Customer Value Proposition that employees need to deliver consistently.
  • The intervention involves mapping the organization’s existing employer brand, assessing the existing organization culture, arriving at what motivates key talent archetypes join and stay in the organization and articulating a compelling Employee Value Proposition for the Organization.
  • Design the internal communication and implementation road map to cascade the Employee Value Proposition across the organization to strengthen the employee experience and awareness of the same.
  • Facilitated through Pre-workshop data collection and Focus Group Discussions followed by a workshop using a combination of case studies, tools and interactive exercises.

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Who the offering is for & Benefits

  • Organisations and leaders who are committed to the great workplace journey and would like to inspire and involve rest of the leadership team, people managers and all employees to this vision.
  • The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a powerful tool that organizations use to attract and retain talent. The intervention will help the leadership understand and appreciate what Employee Value Proposition stands for and why it matters.
  • Organizations who would like to identify their Employee Value Proposition attributes and articulate clear descriptors of what the organisation promises to employees and the larger talent market to attract and retain the right talent.
  • We help organisations discover their Employee Value Propositions that will help them best achieve their Customer Value Proposition.
  • Leaders and the HR team will also be able to gain insight into aligning people practices towards delivering an integrated and defined Employee Value Proposition to strengthen the overarching culture and employee experience.

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