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I am curious why a particular company is on your best companies list.  What criteria do you use to determine your lists?

“A particular company you are looking for is not featured in our best companies list or the various best workplaces list because they may have not met the participation eligibility criteria or the certifiction criteria or the list selection criteria.

The primary criteria for certification or list inclusion is whether a company’s employees themselves say their organization is a great workplace or not. For certification, a company needs to meet certain pre-defined thresholds on the Trust Index(C) Employee Survey and the Culture Audit(C) People Practices Assessment. And for featuring in any of the lists, two-thirds of the scoring of each company is based on employees’ responses to a randomly distributed employee survey, taken anonymously. The survey is conducted on a representative sample of each company’s employee strength. The remaining one-third is based on our analysis and expert rating of the company’s people related programs and practices, in comparison to those of other applicants.”