Trust Index© Assessment & Employee Survey

Trust Index© Assessment & Employee Survey

Great Place to Work® Institute’s Trust Index© Assessment and employee survey is the starting point for organisations invested in building a better workplace. Great Place to Work analysts precisely measure the underlying level of trust within your organisation, while making targeted recommendations on how to improve your workplace.

We help tie Trust Index metrics to your organisation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can understand the relationship between your organisation’s business goals and your employees’ workplace experiences.  This helps increase management accountability to these goals.

The Trust Index©
  • Benchmarks the employee response for your organisation with the Best Companies to Work for List. We also provide more than 40 types of benchmarks to suit your individual needs.
  • Collects qualitative and quantitative data: Both are essential to understanding how to improve your workplace environment.
  • Provides single as well a dual perspective options. Employees can respond considering only their organisation or considering both their  work group experiences, as well as the organisation as a whole.
  • Consists of statements that cover credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie – the five dimensions that correspond with the Great Place to Work® Model©
  • Takes just 20 minutes to complete
What It Does
  • Surveys are conducted on paper or online as per the needs of the organisation
  • Customized statements can be added to elicit feedback on issues of specific interest to your organisation
  • Results are tabulated and analysed across various demographic categories e.g. age, gender, tenure, geography etc.
  • Demographic categories are customized to client needs
  • Our expert team works with you throughout the process
What You Get

Our findings show how you can maximize your effort to become a great place to work. Our consultant works with your team, communicating the implications of the findings and the relationship between the survey results and the Model. In addition, you receive:

  • Data presented in accessible visual and narrative formats
  • Detailed spreadsheets with segmented survey results
  • A complete transcript of employee comments
  • Best practices relevant to your organisation, drawn from our Best People Practices© repository
  • Specific, action-oriented recommendations customized to your organisation’s situation

How it Works

Survey Your Employees

Step 1:
Select a 2-week window to launch our industry-proven tool – the Trust Index© Survey (Preparation: 4 hours, Completion: 20 minutes/employee)

Share People Practices

Step 2:
Provide details of your company’s policies and programs for evaluation through our Culture Audit© tool (2-5 days)


Step 3:
We would validate and share the highlights of the assessment results and communicate if you have met the thresholds of certification


Step 4:
On successfully meeting the thresholds, your organisation will be awarded the Great Place to Work® Certification, for you to use for your Employer Branding.
Reports & Insights

& Insights

Step 5:
Organizations can choose and buy from our various reporting options to get insights, benchmarks and recommendations based on the results



Step 6:
You’ll be automatically considered for all our Best Workplaces lists for 12 months from your date of evaluation.