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Akamai Technologies India Private Limited is recognized among India's Best Companies to Work For 2019 and among India's Best Workplaces for Women 2019 (Top 75). Every year, Great Place to Work® identifies India's 100 Best Companies to Work For (with employee strength more than 500) through an objective and rigourous workplace culture assessment process. As a part of our annual research in India, this year a total of 747 organizations were evaluated and from them, we identified India’s 75 Best Workplaces for Women 2019.

Akamai is a globally distributed intelligent edge platform which surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so customers and their businesses can be fast, smart, and secure. They provide solutions across multiple industries like Automotive, Business Services, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Hotel & Travel, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Online Gaming, Public Sector, Retails and Consumer Goods, Software & Technology, Software as a Service etc.

Company Size

1746 Employees


Information Technology


Why Akamai Technologies India Private Limited is a Great Place to Work?

Akamai Technologies India Private Limited has successfully created a Great Place to Work FOR ALL their employees as they have excelled on the 5 dimensions that are a hallmark of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. In a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, Akamai Technologies India Private Limited met the minimum criteria on the Trust Index© Employee Survey, on the consistency of experience across all demographics and on the Culture Audit© People Practices Framework, to clear the first level i.e. getting Great Place to Work-Certified™.

Great Place to Work® is considered the
‘Gold Standard’ in workplace culture assessment and recognition.

As a certified organization, Akamai Technologies India Private Limited became eligible to be considered among 'India's Best Companies to Work For 2019' – a list that features the 'Best of the Best’. The process of identifying India's Best Companies to Work For is based purely on the assessment findings and does not involve any jury or opinion based criteria.

Culture Snapshot
Akamai has well conceptualized and progressive programs that leverage the strengths of its employees at various levels. People seem to be partners in every sense, whether it is through their contribution in driving the organization's innovation agenda or the rewards that they receive for their efforts. The equitable and fair manner in which they are treated is also testimony to the leadership's transparent approach and strong value system.

This page highlights more about the work culture of the organization, selected best people practices, the vision of the leadership and glimpses of employee life.

Read through to find out what makes Akamai Technologies India Private Limited a Great Workplace.

Recognitions awarded by Great Place to Work®

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Great Place to Work-Certified™ from April 2019 - March 2020.

India's Best Companies to Work For 2019

Among India's 75 Best Workplaces for Women 2019

Among the TOP 75 of India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2019

Best People Practices

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This is a reverse mentoring program offered by Akamai. High potential women from diverse functions and roles became mentors to these senior leader mentees for a day, helping them understand what gender inclusion and exclusion in the workplace feels like.



Career Maps

A success profile is a model which identifies key behaviors/competencies required for success in a given role within an organization. Also referred to as competency models, these measurable behaviors represent the “how” behind achieving objectives that are agreed upon by the employee and their manager. The organization has partnered with Lominger International which provides a library of 67 competencies from which the success profiles are created. Usually consisting of 6-10 critical behaviors, the profiles are created by soliciting feedback from those in the role as well as members of the leadership team. The goal is to come to agreement on which behaviors differentiate between good performance and great performance.

Akamai is a people-centric organization and sees each other like a large family. In my last 5 months, I have had colleagues from across the globe reach out to help me, in whatever way they could and few even set weekly call to just discuss issues I may be facing. All this despite a very busy schedule.

Employee Testimonial

Career @ Akamai Technologies India Private Limited

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Leaders Speak


Prasad Mandava

VP and MD of India, Akamai Technologies India Private Limited

1. What is your personal approach to making a Great Workplace?
I believe in bringing smart and passionate individuals together and providing them with a trusting and collaborative work environment to work towards a common goal. I also believe that great leaders are a foundation for a great workplace and we will continue to invest in them.

2. What are the top 2 benefits you see of creating a Great Workplace?
A Great Workplace drives high levels of productivity, performance, and employee engagement leading to satisfied employees. A great culture also attracts and retains a diverse workforce. In this VUCA world, we need teams with diverse thinkers.

3. What are your top people priorities?
Providing people with a rewarding career with Akamai. Building and retaining a highly skilled, diverse, constantly evolving and resilient workforce.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?
It has helped us to benchmark our practices with our peer companies. Being Certified helps us to attract and retain great talent. With our proprietary software knowledge and industry knowledge, these resources are the most valuable assets for us. And being able to provide them with a great workplace, helps to keep them here longer.

Shiva Sundar

Director - HR, Akamai Technologies India Private Limited

1. What can your present and potential employees be sure of from a work culture perspective in the organization?
Employees experience a culture which is result oriented, customer-centric, innovation focussed and inclusive.

2. What, according to you, is a people challenge your industry is facing?
Attracting and retaining the right talent. Keeping the employees engaged with the organisation year on year will continue to remain a challenge. We encourage them to move across teams and find what they are looking for within the organisation rather than looking out.

3. How are you ensuring a consistent workplace experience FOR ALL your employees, irrespective of their role, age, gender, tenure etc. in the organization?
We have a very clear and robust philosophy around diversity and inclusion. All our processes and policy, right from onboarding to exit do not differ with respect to role, age, gender etc.

We also have programs which educate leaders (new and in-coming leaders) about our commitment to ensuring a consistent experience across a diverse workforce. There are enough checks and balances in-place like ethics hotline, quarterly anonymous engagement surveys, D&I Employee Resource Groups that keep us honest.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?
Apart from the feedback that we receive from the survey, it is great to have a brand like Great Place to Work® recognize us a great workplace. We consistently strive to create a workplace which drives a high-performance culture. The Great Place to Work® frameworks fit in well with our people philosophy. The Journey programs that Great Place to Work® provides for the managers has helped us improve our management capabilities significantly.

Life @ Akamai Technologies India Private Limited

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