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Blue Dart Express Ltd is recognized among India's Best Companies to Work For 2019. Every year, Great Place to Work® identifies India's 100 Best Companies to Work For (with employee strength more than 500) through an objective and rigourous workplace culture assessment process. Blue Dart is one of South Asia's premier courier and integrated express package distribution company with a coverage all over India.

Company Size

13440 Employees




Why Blue Dart Express Ltd. is a Great Place to Work?

Blue Dart Express Ltd has successfully created a Great Place to Work FOR ALL their employees as they have excelled on the 5 dimensions that are a hallmark of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. In a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, Blue Dart Express Ltd met the minimum criteria on the Trust Index© Employee Survey, on the consistency of experience across all demographics and on the Culture Audit© People Practices Framework, to clear the first level i.e. getting Great Place to Work-Certified™.

Great Place to Work® is considered the 
‘Gold Standard’ in workplace culture assessment and recognition.

As a certified organization, Blue Dart Express Ltd became eligible to be considered among 'India's Best Companies to Work For 2019' – a list that features the 'Best of the Best’. The process of identifying India's Best Companies to Work For is based purely on the assessment findings and does not involve any jury or opinion based criteria. 

Culture Snapshot
Blue Dart offers some exceptional people practices to its employees to create a workplace which is collaborative at all ranks and nourishing while instilling a sense of pride in its service and brand. 

This page highlights more about the work culture of the organization, selected best people practices, the vision of the leadership and glimpses of employee life.

Read through to find out what makes Blue Dart Express Ltd a Great Workplace.

Recognitions awarded by Great Place to Work®

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Great Place to Work-Certified™ from May 2019 - April 2020. Certified for 3 years in a row!

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Best People Practices

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The Blue Way

The Blue Way is an innovative delivery program that allows every single Blue Darter to participate in delivering customer delight during the peak months of August – December, especially since there is immense pressure on their Frontline Operations during this period, some of which can be reduced through their Blue Way Program. All employees (except staff who go on the delivery and pick up runs as part of their job role) are eligible to participate in this program, for retail shipments. As part of this program, even their MD and senior managers go on delivery runs and lead by example, encouraging others to go forward for this and supporting operations.



All about 'Her'

In an attempt to create a Diverse and Inclusive workforce, Blue Bubbles is Blue Dart’s Women’s Network launched on 8th March ’16. The initiative is dedicated for the development of women employees through Leadership and Skill enhancement workshops, team building through sports activities and workshops to enable self - awareness and confidence building. Regular mailers to educate them on various topics ranging from work-life to women empowerment are also shared. Having more women join the workforce at various stages is an important step towards a more Diverse and Inclusive Culture, great workplaces recognise and also take into account the varied and special needs of having women as a part of the workplace.

It is easier to talk to the management directly. We find it easy to get help in this organization. The management is unbiased and there is no discrimination done by them.

Employee Testimonial

I like to work in this organization since it has a very unbiased working environment. The DBF policy (Death Benevolent Fund) of this organization is particularly good- under which, if any employee dies while working, his family is given a  proper remuneration for that.

Employee Testimonial

Career @ Blue Dart Express Ltd.

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Leaders Speak


Balfour Manuel

Managing Director, Blue Dart Express Ltd.

1. What is your personal approach to making a Great Workplace?
I have always championed the ‘People-First’ philosophy at Blue Dart by encouraging creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and empowerment. I’m a passionate believer in the fact that Blue Dart as a brand has been built by its people; our people are our biggest pillar of strength. The passion, zeal and commitment exhibited by our people are highly visible across Blue Dart country.

I believe in raising the bar higher in driving a culture that is welcoming to everyone. A satisfied workforce is extremely important. The outcome of it is visible in our Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) scores. The numbers have been consistent since the 1990s. There’s never a lack of excitement here.

2. What are the top 2 benefits you see of creating a Great Workplace?
Creating a Great Workplace has a major role to play in terms of building strong brand equity, maintaining market leadership and highlighting best people practices.

Blue Dart has always remained an Employer of Choice to attract the best talent from the market. Most of the leadership team is homegrown talent growing from the ranks – a very rare phenomenon today in most organizations. Blue Dart is one of the few companies that still has Day One employees, including myself.

The people policies, work environment, learning opportunity, rewards and recognition and career growth opportunities supplement the employer brand equity in attracting and retaining the young talent. So we have a healthy blend of both.

Blue Dart drives an open culture of trust, passion and result orientation. I am happy to share that this year, our company's overall Mean Satisfaction score achieved an all-time high at 95.2% as compared to last year which was 95%. Pride In working for Blue Dart remains the highest scoring parameter with a mean score of 97.2%. The company also has an attrition rate that is much lower than the average industry attrition rate.

3. What are your top people priorities?
Our aim is to create an enabling environment that provides for the all-round development of the individual talent. We will continue to focus on developing the competency aspect of our people through various training modules that have been incorporated internally.

Some of these modules for all levels, starting from staff to senior level:
• New Age Leadership Development Program (NALDP) - A customised Supervisory Leadership Development Programme
• Dronacharya – Train the Trainer Program for Operations Teams
• Other operations and process related training programs

In addition to this, Blue Dart will continue to focus on its employee-centric policies and programs, which have been recognised as best practices in the industry. These include:
• DBF (Death Benevolent Fund)
One of the most unique initiatives in Blue Dart is known as Death Benevolent Fund (DBF). DBF is one of the employee wellness and well-being initiative which provides social security to the family of the deceased Blue Darter.
• BRACE (Blue Dart’s Reimbursement of Accident Claims & Expenses)
All employees of the company who meet with an accident during the course of employment and whilst on duty, which includes traveling from home to work or vice versa, are eligible for this scheme. No limit on medical expenses.
• STEP (Subsidized Tuition & Education Plan)
Enables employees to acquire higher qualification skills to enhance career prospects/ personal development/ improve effectiveness on the current assignment. The company subsidizes the employee’s tuition fees, registration fees, and examination fees.
As part of the Deutsche Post DHL’s corporate responsibility strategy, UPstairs - GoTeach Initiative that promotes equal education opportunity, 6 scholars are selected for Upstairs scholarship. Through the Upstairs program, the company supports the selected employee’s children with financial assistance for three years. A mentor is also provided to each scholar to help them during these 3 years. Eligible employee’s children who study between class 6th and 12th are eligible to apply for this.
Blue Dart continually strives to offer a healthy work environment, where employees feel valued for their contribution and are encouraged to achieve a positive work-life balance.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?
Great Place to Work® has given Blue Dart a great platform to understand the voice of its people, apart from the internal Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) that we conduct annually. Being a part of the study has also enabled to understand and implement some of the best practices across industries.


Namita Patwari

General Manager – Human Resources, Blue Dart Express Ltd.

1. What can your present and potential employees be sure of from a work culture perspective in the organization?
People-First-Philosophy forms the CORE of our culture and is the driving force of our organization. Our employees are our biggest strength and we continue to focus on enhancing and developing their capabilities. As a people-centric organization, the company upholds the values and guiding principles of GIFTS (Growth, Integrity, Fairness, Transparency, Service).

Blue Dart follows unique people management practices which foster passion, commitment and engagement. The people strategy, goals and plans are reviewed every year to align with business strategy and needs.

2. What, according to you, is a people challenge your industry is facing?
• Lack of skilled workforce on the field
• Emergence of attractive alternate career options
• Competitive pay packages at the ground level

3. How are you ensuring a consistent workplace experience FOR ALL your employees, irrespective of their role, age, gender, tenure etc. in the organization?
Blue Dart follows a unique 360 Top Down / Bottom Up approach for effective communications. On a monthly basis, a team brief takes place with key messages handed over in print. The team brief is then held with every subsequent level of reportees and within a span of 3-4 days, the entire organization is covered through the team brief. Each location has the scope to add in local information to make the communication even more relevant and challenging. Similarly, in each team brief, every employee has the opportunity to share their views/thoughts ranging on personal satisfaction, customer innovations or simply an idea. Apart from this initiative, townhalls / open-house sessions with employees are held on a regular basis to understand their issues/concerns and also to know from them how customers view the brand and the services.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?
Great Place to Work® has given Blue Dart a great platform to understand the voice of its people, apart from the internal Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) that we conduct annually. Being a part of the study has also enabled to understand and implement some of the best practices across industries.

Life @ Blue Dart Express Ltd.

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