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About The Organization

Intuit India is recognized among India's Best Companies to Work For 2019 and among India's Best Workplaces for Women 2019 (Top 25). Every year, Great Place to Work® identifies India's 100 Best Companies to Work For (with employee strength more than 500) through an objective and rigorous workplace culture assessment process. As a part of our annual research in India, this year a total of 747 organizations were evaluated and from them, we identified India’s 75 Best Workplaces for Women 2019.

Intuit Inc. is a business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Company Size

987 Employees


Information Technology


Why Intuit India is a Great Place to Work?

Intuit India has successfully created a Great Place to Work FOR ALL their employees as they have excelled on the 5 dimensions that are a hallmark of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. In a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, Intuit India met the minimum criteria on the Trust Index© Employee Survey, on the consistency of experience across all demographics and on the Culture Audit© People Practices Framework, to clear the first level i.e. getting Great Place to Work-Certified™.

Great Place to Work® is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in workplace culture assessment and recognition.

As a certified organization, Intuit India became eligible to be considered among 'India's Best Companies to Work For 2019' – a list that features the 'Best of the Best’. The process of identifying India's Best Companies to Work For is based purely on the assessment findings and does not involve any jury or opinion based criteria. 

Culture Snapshot

One of the few companies who have clear, crisp mission and values which drives everything within and outside the organization. True to its spirit of 'OneIntuit', the entire culture is driven with oneness, collaboration and larger good as the motto. The Power of Prosperity is actually visible with strong data points and testimonials across the organization. Truly a World Class culture with a strong Corporate Citizenship Behavior!

This page highlights more about the work culture of the organization, selected best people practices, the vision of the leadership and glimpses of employee life.

Read through to find out what makes Intuit India a Great Workplace.

Recognitions awarded by Great Place to Work®

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Great Place to Work-Certified™ from April 2019 - March 2020. Certified for 3 years in a row!

India's Best Companies to Work For 2019

Among the TOP 25 of India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2019

Among the TOP 25 of India's Best Workplaces for Women 2019. Recognized for 2nd year in a row!

World's 25 Best Workplaces 2019 (2 years in a row!)

Best People Practices

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Listening - Upward Communication

Mistakes, OK, Share

Intuit’s drive to 'listen' truly embodies itself in one of the practices called ‘Screw-ups of the Month’- a team huddle where each one talks about their monthly low points . It gives a common forum to the employees to get together and discuss any issues and understand what went wrong, why it went wrong and how to address the situation. The leadership team of Intuit observed that people were more upfront about taking risks and holding accountability post openly talking about the errors made by them. When the employees share their screw ups, a sense of togetherness gets promoted and they also know that it is OK to make mistakes.



Career Comeback

“Intuit Again” is a program launched by Intuit India for women who would like to comeback from a career break. Through this program, the talent acquisition team works with the business to identify roles for the program,based on business requirements.The program is for six months at the end of which, basis business need and the candidate’s performance, Intuit absorbs them into full-time employee roles.

The only place I've worked where Values trickle down from the founder, CEO all the way down to every individual, in everything we do. The culture has proven resilient to the various changes over the years. Having a set of values helps guide every individual in their decision making. Employees > Customers > Shareholders are like Air > Water > Food, in that order, at Intuit. This makes it a unique employee-focused company.

Employee Testimonial

Intuit is a cult feeling as per me. I am not looking back after 9 years with Intuit. We have customer obsession in our DNA and innovation as the first gear to evolve as the Big Giant for small business customers across with the world. Intuit's employee care and the culture are no match to any other organization! I love Intuit!!

Employee Testimonial

Leaders Speak


Sanket Atal

MD, Intuit India

1. What is your personal approach to making a Great Workplace?
Our consistent performance in India’s Best Companies to Work For survey is a standing example of what a brand can achieve when it embarks on a journey of shared evolution, where the brand grows along with its people. From a little known entity, we are today counted as one of the top employer brands in India, a country that has become the innovation hub for the world’s greatest brands. It is our employees who should be credited for launching Intuit India on this phenomenal journey of brand transformation. In 2016, when our leaders, and functions traditionally considered in the industry as brand custodians, gave up control and invited the employees to drive Intuit’s storytelling in India – a hundred employees came forward to evangelize the brand. We call this set of passionate evangelists our very own great places to work ambassadors, a community that’s growing and is over 150 today. Our approach to making Intuit India a great workplace is to continue empowering our employees to evolve as our brand leaders and champions who continue to create an environment where the world’s top talent does the best work of their lives.

2. What are the top 2 benefits you see of creating a Great Workplace?

The Intuit leadership invested in the India centre with the aspiration and intent of creating a world-class engineering organization. Over the years, evolving and innovating on the best-in-class talent processes, based on our journey of being a great place to work, has helped us realize our aspiration. We committed ourselves to create an environment where trust, pride and camaraderie are valued so that our employees can be the best version of themselves, do the best work and create solutions that our customers love. This success has increased our investments in India and catalyzed the same into other global locations. Being a great place to work has also helped us create winning connects and partnerships with the overall ecosystem.

3. What are your top people priorities?

1. Technology and innovation: Our technology and innovation charter is guided by our mission – ‘Powering prosperity around the world,’ which means we treat technology and innovation as the avenue to reach greater ends, that of serving our customers. And this scope of making a difference is what inspires our employees to come to work every day. Recognitions such as India’s Best Workplaces: IT & IT-BPM, 2018 are a testimony to the kind of passion our employees have. We have evolved into a centre of excellence and a hub for innovation, owning end-to-end product engineering outcomes. We will continue to execute against our strategy of becoming an A.I. driven expert platform that focuses on our customers' common set of needs as we pursue our mission to power prosperity around the world. Our top priority is to further intensify this tech and innovation journey by leveraging various Intuit practices such the ‘Unstructured Time’ where employees use 10% of their time to work on business and tech challenges and projects; tech-focused internal events like Engineering Days and Innovation Days where the key message for our engineers is – enjoy coding, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take risks, reimagine, disrupt the convention.

2. Growing our people: One of the foundational pillars that have shaped our culture is our commitment to creating an environment where the world’s top talent does the best work of their lives. Our employees are at the heart of all that we do and who we are at Intuit. We invest in developing our people as leaders and influencers who can unlock not only their potential but be able to multiply the genius of those around them through various interventions and programs.

3. Inclusive workplace: At Intuit, we live by the principle that diversity and being inclusive is not charity, it’s smart business. The fact that 39% of our global workforce is represented by women testifies our commitment. And look at the business outcomes we are deriving from the myriad of perspectives that come with a diverse workforce. Our flagship career returnship program, Intuit Again, has been recognized as the Best Returnee Program by JobsForHer. The program has empowered numerous women to transform their professional standing by reskilling them. Buoyed by this success, Intuit Again, initiated and conceptualized in India, has been replicated at the Intuit headquarters in Mountain View in the US.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?

The key strategic and business outcome is the creation of strong brand recall for Intuit in the Indian talent market. This has helped us attract the best talent in the industry. Being recognized as a Great Place to Work has helped us share our unique Intuit culture with the world and celebrate the spirit of Intuit – our employees. Great Place to Work® participation, which inspired us to launch our own great workplace advocacy program, has been a catalyst in building Intuit India’s future leadership pipeline, who are today driving programs and initiatives to create world-class experiences for our employees. The participation has helped to spread the word around our employee-led transformation story which has inspired many in the industry to emulate our brand advocacy program and in effect turned us into a work culture thought the leader in the industry. We are also humbled to have our multiyear Great Place to Work journey and employee advocacy program be the subject of a case study for the India Business School (ISB) that has been published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). This recognition has helped us share our story from our legendary beginnings to our employee-inspired, values-driven culture that has resulted in us building revolutionary products that power the prosperity of millions of customers around the world. We’ve earned a distinct reputation in the marketplace, in our customers’ homes and businesses and, perhaps most of all, in the hearts and minds of our employees.

Somnath Baishya

Head HR – Global Development Centres, Intuit India

1. What can your present and potential employees be sure of from a work culture perspective in the organization? 
We are a young organization with 60% of our employees belonging to the generation of millennials or younger. What this cohort looks for in a career are the work content that’s challenging, a socially conscious employer brand, and a work culture that fosters freedom and continuous growth. Incidentally, these aspirations constitute the core of Intuit’s employee value proposition. At the top of our priority mix are our employees, before our customers, partners or stakeholders. What we offer them is the opportunity to do the best work of their lives so that they can make an impact for the customers we serve. We have a practice called the Unstructured Time (UT) where every employee can use 10% of working hours to chase their passion projects. This practice is our lever to satisfy our employees’ hunger to be challenged, to create something new and disruptive. In fact, a good number of Intuit’s organic product offerings were germinated during the UT of employees. Giving back is the most non-negotiable aspect of who we are. Our practice of giving every employee 32 hours of dedicated time for community service every year as part of Intuit’s We Care and Give Back (WCGB) program demonstrates our commitment. Further, one of the things that our leaders take pride in is Intuit’s culture of giving up control. A standing example of this is our employee advocacy program called the great places to work ambassadors community which leads our brand storytelling to the external world and drives initiatives and strategies to design world-class workplace experiences for our existing employees. Finally, what sets us apart is our high-performance culture, where we invest our energies on developing people and not the role. We do this by making goal setting, coaching and feedback a year-round process. Our thrust on following the Situation Behaviour Impact (SBI) model make these conversations more objective by seamlessly integrating aspects such as development investments, internal mobility opportunities, promotions etc. Our consistent performance in India’s Best Companies to Work for survey testifies the compelling workplace experiences our present employees have. This will extend to our potential employees – the lateral talent and the interns – who will surely find a synergy between who they are, what they aspire and what Intuit has to offer as a workplace. The HPOR process integrates beautifully with other Talent Investments, Development Investments, Internal Mobility Opportunities, Promotions et

2. What, according to you, is a people challenge your industry is facing? 
An article in the World Economic Forum (WEF) says economic equality for women can contribute $28 trillion to the global economy – roughly the size of the US and Chinese economies combined. Despite this realization, we seem to be missing the dots somewhere when it comes to actualizing the potential of this enormous pool of talent. Even after a decade of the unprecedented technological advancement, we are still talking about the dismal state of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), women dropping out of the talent market at the prime of their careers, and, under-representation of women at C-Suite level. At Intuit, we are on a mission to do our bit in reversing this situation. And one of our starting points is the young women tech talent. Our women led network, the Tech Women @ Intuit & Intuit Women’s Network (TWI/IWN) is designing various outreach programs for this set of talent, like conducting workshops in all women engineering colleges such as the IGDTUW, Delhi; Women Interns Networking Event, and #SHEsIntuit – the meet and greet Intuit’s women leaders session for NCGs, among others. Such endeavours have helped us scale up the representation of women in our new college grads (NCG) hiring to 45%. With its charter of attracting, retaining and promoting women in technical roles, the TWI sponsors Anita Borg Institute’s (ABI) flagship event the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in India. Through our flagship career restarter program, Intuit Again, we are extending the befits of our outreach to the ecosystem. Recognized as the Best Returnee Program by JobsForHer, Intuit Again has empowered numerous women to transform their professional standing by reskilling them. For Intuit, the program contributes to 10% of our diversity hiring. Buoyed by this success, Intuit Again, initiated and conceptualized in India, has been replicated at the Intuit headquarters in Mountainview in the US. Under the banner of our CSR initiative, Intuit Rise, we ventured out to create an impact for women from across socio-economic levels. We launched the “Education for the Girl Child” project, where, for every woman employee who joins Intuit India, we support the education and all-round development of a young girl from an underprivileged background. Thanks to the program, that was awarded the “Best CSR Project’’ in the education and women empowerment category by India CSR, we enabled 15 students to complete their 10th grade, another 100 students are currently studying in 4 different schools across Bangalore. None of the talks about gender parity is complete unless we adequately sensitize our own employees. Towards this, we organize diversity and inclusiveness workshops for our employees across the organization. Managers and other employees with extensive influence and impact are sensitized and then encouraged to drive conversations around being more inclusive and eliminating unconscious bias.

3. How are you ensuring a consistent workplace experience FOR ALL your employees, irrespective of their role, age, gender, tenure etc. in the organization? 
Diversity and inclusiveness are in Intuit’s DNA. We live by the motto: “Bring your whole self to work.” A key component of this value is creating a consistent workplace experience for each of Intuit’s employee and embrace them the way they are. A case in point is how our colleagues from the LGBT community can enrol their same-sex partners as dependents in Intuit’s medical insurance plans. We're one of the few companies in India that cover employees identifying with the LGBT community into the health benefits framework. Our focus on making Intuit a workplace that is accessible for all is also one of the ways we ensure consistency in workplace experiences. We conduct workplace audit from accessibility perspectives for people with special needs based on which we realigned our workplace facilities implementing braille signage for the restroom, bell switch in dormitories, provision of door pick and drop commute services among others. From an experience standpoint, we have an inclusive indoor gaming zone, app-based food ordering which can be operated by people with disabilities. Our community-based culture gives room for everybody to be part of creating Intuit’s future. We have the NextGen Network, Special Needs And Ability Network, among others each creating impact in their own way. The manner in which we induct members to our Intuit India Leadership Team (IILT) also illustrates our focus on creating consistent workplace experience. Our inductees are included based on not seniority or experience but on their influence and impact across the organization. This means we have a good mix of membership at the IILT which cuts across age, experience or seniority. In continuation of our principle that benefits that the company accrues should be distributed among employees, everyone at Intuit including early career employees, irrespective of their role or tenure, receives the stock awards. Similarly, every employee, irrespective of the level or seniority, is eligible for business class travel while undertaking international travel for work.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals? 
For Intuit, this journey has been one of continuous learning from the best of the best. It has challenged us to constantly innovate and evolve our people practices. Being one of the best has driven great pride amongst our employees and their families and built deep respect in the ecosystem - be it potential talent, partners or customers. We have also forged strong connects and partnerships across the corporate ecosystem that has helped us all collectively raise the bar, learn and grow. The success in India has also catalysed our global footprint as we have broadened our presence in other geographies.

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