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About The Organization

Kronos Inc is recognized among India's Best Companies to Work For 2019 and among India's Best Workplaces for Women 2019 (Top 75). Every year, Great Place to Work® identifies India's 100 Best Companies to Work For (with employee strength more than 500) through an objective and rigourous workplace culture assessment process. As a part of our annual research in India, this year a total of 747 organizations were evaluated and from them, we identified India’s 75 Best Workplaces for Women 2019.

Kronos offers the industry’s most powerful suite of tools and services to manage and engage your entire workforce.

Company Size

1233 Employees


Information Technology


Why Kronos Inc. is a Great Place to Work?

Kronos Inc has successfully created a Great Place to Work FOR ALL their employees as they have excelled on the 5 dimensions that are a hallmark of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. In a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute, Kronos Inc met the minimum criteria on the Trust Index© Employee Survey, on the consistency of experience across all demographics and on the Culture Audit© People Practices Framework, to clear the first level i.e. getting Great Place to Work-Certified™.

Great Place to Work® is considered the
‘Gold Standard’ in workplace culture assessment and recognition.

As a certified organization, Kronos Inc became eligible to be considered among 'India's Best Companies to Work For 2019' – a list that features the 'Best of the Best’. The process of identifying India's Best Companies to Work For is based purely on the assessment findings and does not involve any jury or opinion based criteria.

Culture Snapshot
Kronos Incorporated focuses immensely on providing employees with an innovative, fun and easy work environment. Teamwork is integral to the organization. Management understands the importance of a healthy work life balance and has designed policies keeping the same in mind. Exceptional employee benefits and workplace facilities keep members motivated.

This page highlights more about the work culture of the organization, selected best people practices, the vision of the leadership and glimpses of employee life.

Read through to find out what makes Kronos Inc a Great Workplace.

Recognitions awarded by Great Place to Work®

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Great Place to Work-Certified™ from November 2018 - October 2019. Certified for 3 years in a row!

India's Best Companies to Work For 2019

Among the TOP 25 of India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2019

Among India's 75 Best Workplaces for Women 2019. Recognized for 2nd year in a row!

25 Best Multinational Workplaces in Asia 2019

Best People Practices

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Maternity and Paternity leaves

Per the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 and the recent amendments, they offer a 26 week fully paid Maternity leave for moms-to-be, and a 12-week paid adoption or surrogacy leave who adopt a child below the age of one year. For new fathers,they have a fully paid paternity leave for 4 weeks.



Keeping the Door Open for Boomerangs

Kronos has always known there are big benefits to keeping in touch with and rehiring former employees who have a solid reputation for being fully engaged and delivering on their potential. Hence, they openly welcome high-performing former employees to rejoin their workforce. They tell former Kronites that if their ideal career opportunity knocks twice at Kronos,they invite them to answer the door!

It is a super welcoming organization, you feel part of this organization right from the time you are offered. D&I focus is extremely good. The organization runs multiple initiatives to support individual growth and ensure that every employee has a great manager.

Employee Testimonial

I feel my abilities are best utilized with mutual respect. Management leads their employees rather than managing them. I feel I am recognized, motivated and appreciated every day at work. I am encouraged to maintain a work-life balance. The organization's culture is unique with higher levels of employee satisfaction attributes.

Employee Testimonial

Career @ Kronos Inc.

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Leaders Speak


Ashok Saxena

VP, Engineering, Kronos Inc.

Being a Best Workplace for Women in India is exciting, and
 I look forward to continuing to grow our team in the region with bright female talent.

1. What is your personal approach to making a Great Workplace?
The Kronos culture stems from our CEO, Aron Ain, – who fiercely contends that there is a direct link between employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and business success. Our Work Inspired culture transcends borders as an international company and, here in India, I have a deep belief that the power of an organization’s workforce is transformational in improving productivity and enhancing human potential. We take pride in the trust and investment we put into our people. I work in lockstep with HR and other Kronos leaders on employee engagement as a growth strategy by investing in Kronites to make Kronos a place where employees truly love to work.

2. What are the top 2 benefits you see of creating a Great Workplace?
Being a Great Place to Work is yet another proof point of what we believe in here at Kronos and the values we expect all Kronites to live by. We’re able to communicate that to prospective employees, customers, and partners that share the same values as we do, and want to work with a company like us. Most importantly, happy and engaged employees create happy customers! Customers understand that if an organization is taking care of  its employees, the employees, in turn, will take care of the customers. Kronos does that really well. In fact, being a Great Place to Work for all  is part of our global business strategy!

3. What are your top people priorities?
Overall, we believe in doing the right thing – that means by our people, by our customers, and by our community. We hold each other accountable to this motto and work hard at it every day. We also put great emphasis on communication, trust, and instilling a culture of caring, as each plays a major role in how inspiring your workplace will be. If you show your employees you care for them, it gives them a sense of security and belongingness while facilitating magical growth – both for them and the company.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?
Kronos has been recognized by
Great Place to Work® in every single country where we have a significant office presence. This is such a humbling global honour. These recognitions motivate us to continue to give our best in what we do and reassure us that we are among the very best in the corporate world. We are extremely proud to be named a Great Place to Work® – and we continually focus on the values that come with this honour. It helps us in being perceived as an organization that truly practises what it preaches – to create a workforce that is well managed to achieve both company success and customer satisfaction.

David Morgan

Human Resources Director, International, Kronos Inc.

For me, in my role in HR, receiving a Best Workplace for Women in India accreditation is true testament to the commitment and success of the various initiatives, we work tirelessly on throughout the year and will continue to work on to make Kronos an employer of choice for women of all backgrounds.

1. What can your present and potential employees be sure of from a work culture perspective in the organization? 
Building a culture where everyone can be the best they can is fundamental to what we offer our employees. We’re always looking for new ways to improve what we do – in all aspects of our business. We never rest on our laurels, we seek progression and strive to be the best we can – which is also what we expect from our employees. We set clear goals and expectations of personal behaviour which forms part of the Performance Review process.  They receive regular feedback and are objectively evaluated not only on WHAT they do but HOW they do it. In fact, 60% of a Kronite’s annual performance rating is based on the WHAT – i.e. the goals and metrics established with their manager – while 40% is based on the HOW they modelled the desired Kronos behaviours.

2. What, according to you, is a people challenge your industry is facing?
At Kronos, we pride ourselves on being a
Great Place to Work®, and truly believe that great businesses are powered by great people. So, a challenge for us is finding the right people to be Kronites which means that they don’t just have the technical skills needed for their role, but they are able to demonstrate the behaviours that Kronos expects from everyone. Because we hold our Great Place to Work® status in such high regard, we want to ensure we continue to maintain and further build an organization that keeps us on that path.

3. How are you ensuring a consistent workplace experience FOR ALL your employees, irrespective of their role, age, gender, tenure etc. in the organization?
Being a
Great Place to Work® for all is actually part of our global business strategy – outlined in the goals that are shared with the entire company for the fiscal year.

Our WorkInspired culture encourages Kronites to treat colleagues around the world with respect, maintain an attitude of flexibility and curiosity and has positioned leaders to inspire and motivate people across geographic divides – all driven by a focus on trust and transparency. This culture spans all ethnicities, beliefs, and ages, which is why we’ve been named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Millennials for two years running while still maintaining an average tenure of more than 10 years. 
Trust and transparency are part of our global DNA: Leaders give employees the latitude to exercise their own judgment, meaning that all Kronites — regardless of their backgrounds, geographies, and personal beliefs — have a great deal of autonomy. 
We also hold managers accountable for being great leaders through our Manager Effectiveness Index (MEI), which is part of our twice-yearly global employee engagement survey that allows employees to provide anonymous feedback about their managers. Per our January 2019 survey, 90% of Kronites feel their manager empowers them to make decisions to do their jobs effectively, 88% feel their manager encourages their workgroup to take appropriate risks to improve business results, and 89% of Kronites agree that their manager truly cares for them as an employee which is 12 points higher than the average global benchmark.

In that survey, 90% of Kronites agree with the statement: “Kronos makes it easy for people from different backgrounds to fit in and be accepted” which is 9 points higher than the benchmark for global IT organizations – and 87% of Kronites agree with this statement: "I feel as if I belong here," which is 14 points higher than the benchmark, as was the answer to "Kronos genuinely committed to attracting, developing and keeping a diverse workforce”.

4. How has your association with Great Place to Work® helped your business and strategic goals?
I would echo James’ response here, but for me, in my role in HR, our
Great Place to Work distinction certainly helps with recruitment and attracting top talent in the region. These lists often serve as a “go-to” resource for job seekers as they know Great Place to Work® has done their due diligence to vet that the organization is truly an employer of choice. Those who are passionate about working for a company who shares the same values as them – family-oriented, work-life balance, specific benefits – are attracted to companies who are recognized for those aspects. So, in our case, it has greatly aided in our recruitment efforts."

Life @ Kronos Inc.

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