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People Practices to manage COVID-19 crisis

Beyond Training Employees

To keep its stakeholders engaged and updated during the lockdown, an organization is preparing not only its employees but also its customers for managing the business in the future. Since most of their focus market is based in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, they are actively training this segment on digital ways of practicing business and using their services.

Global Pandemic Leave

Ciena has incorporated the Global Pandemic Leave as they want to ensure that any affected employees have the flexibility to fully rest and recover or serve as a caretaker without worrying about taking additional time off or using existing leave benefits. Under this leave, the employee is eligible for up to four weeks of paid leave before having to take leave under any existing leave program in the organization.

Digital Games

Gozoop used to have brain teasers and puzzles played at 4 PM every Wednesday and winners were awarded gifts. They have now moved this experience digitally. They post the puzzles on their Whatsapp group and the winners get gifted Dobble or Jenga that they can play at home with their families. So, while they’re engaged with everyone at Gozoop, they also win games that let them have fun with their family at home.

Meeting with a Twist

To make virtual meetings more fun, an organization introduced a twist in their teams’ video catch up sessions where every co-worker who is part of the call has to showcase at least one object that represents a quality in any other person who is part of the call. This is to improve bonding and increase appreciation for each other.

Happiness Challenge

ESDS has devised a Happiness Challenge where for two weeks, starting 1st April, a challenge is being shared with the employees each day and they are supposed to share pictures of themselves on social media, completing that challenge. The challenges range from, ‘master chefs’ and ‘time for fitness’ to ‘hobby indulging’ and ‘meditation’, among others.