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Creating a High Trust High Performance™ culture is a matter of choice and not matter of chance. Over the years, Great Place to Work® Institute has had the opportunity to study organizations with an outstanding responsibility – that of leading and securing the lives of tens of thousands of Indians. To be able to recognize the impact that these organizations have had, not only on their employees, but also on society, Great Place to Work® Institute recognizes these organizations for what they are – as Mega Employers. This year, the Great Place to Work® Study witnessed participation from four Mega Employers. Having more than 50,000 employees on their rolls, these mega organizations may be susceptible to numerous vertical and horizontal complexities. That, however, has not stopped them from creating consistently superlative experiences for their employees.

Here’s to recognizing Great Place to Work® Certified Mega Employers (participants in India’ Best Companies Study 2020) – Tech Mahindra, HDFC Bank Ltd., Teleperformance and Wipro! (Mega employers are those organizations that have more than 50000 employees on their payroll).

For a sneak-peak into how they may have achieved this outcome, we present to you some of the best practices from these organizations.

“Greatness is not built overnight. HDFC Bank stands on a rich legacy of exceptional customer trust, built over the last two and half decades. This is not an accident but the result of extraordinary effort by all who served with passionate engagement and conviction over the years under the iconic leadership of Mr. Aditya Puri. The resounding verdict by over 80,000 of our employees that make us a Great Place to Work today is humbling. It also gives us tremendous impetus to stay the course and continue this journey for our people every day.”

Mr Vinay Razdan, CHRO, HDFC Bank.

Best Practice

Talent Acquisition Process @HDFC Bank – Focus on Digitization and Diversity

With the objective of having a unified view of talent such that no application goes unnoticed (and is matched with the suitable requirement), the bank identified the need to optimize the Talent Acquisition process by building a cohesive strategy through technological interventions. The scale and geographical distribution of the organization was also kept in mind when designing these interventions. The bank has invested in technology platforms led by AI/ML, which also helps in making their processes more scientific and efficient.

One of the objectives of this cohesive talent strategy was to focus on Consistent Delightful Candidate Experience. In this endeavour, HDFC Bank Ltd. revamped the careers site and Recruiter portal to improve the experience of candidates applying for job opportunities with the bank.

Furthermore, an AI tool has been deployed on the Recruiter portal. This tool uses advanced semantic analysis and NLP algorithms to analyze job descriptions and resumes and run aggregated automated searches on multiple sources. It also helps scan the CVs available across various sources in an aggregated manner and stack ranks them for different jobs based on the skills required.

Outcomes thus achieved helped in reduction of candidate leakage, movement of candidates from across business units, time spent in screening and shortlisting candidates and vacancy ageing. It has led to improved candidate experience and an overall increase in portal utilization

As a socially responsible organisation, the Bank has also started a Military Leaders Program through which they reach out to Jawans between the ages of 35 to 40 years who have sacrificed the prime of their youth for the security of the nation and have now retired. The Program helps them get rehabilitated into civilian lives. Largely, the premise is to provide employment opportunities to veterans from different Defence Forces.

“I believe that future of work is ‘Human Centred’. Our focus has been on providing ‘meaningful work’ and creating an enabling environment where our employees feel trusted, respected, recognized and empowered. As a mega employer, having a dispersed and large workforce, we leveraged technology to create hyper personalised experiences and Moments of Truth that embedded ‘People Engagement’ in our core business strategy, TechMHRNxt.”

Mr. Harshvendra Soin (Global CPO and Head-Marketing ,Tech Mahindra)

Best Practice

Global Leadership Cadre:

The objective of Tech Mahindra’s Global Leadership Cadre (GLC) Program is to select candidates who have the potential to operate as change agents and introduce a lateral thought process in the organization. GLC is a team of experienced young leaders who join the Tech Mahindra family from premier B-Schools. They work directly with the leadership teams in high impact roles and are the change champions of the organization. Tech Mahindra also identifies GLCs from within the company. Associates identified through the GLC program have an opportunity to work directly at the mid-level positions in high-impact roles and manage large deal accounts. These Associates are solely responsible for projects that they are a part of and are recognized for their achievements. GLCs can interact at national/international level industry forums as well. In these forums, CXOs act as mentors for all the GLCs. Associates can enhance their learning curve by managing critical assignments with the active guidance and supervision of CXOs. The GLC program also mandates compulsory job rotation every 18 months.

“At Teleperformance, employees’ trust and respect are paramount to us. The focus is to get the inputs matrix right- first time and every time! An engaged workforce and a fun-filled environment are the natural outcomes of the same.
The GPTW certification is a testimony of our exceptional people practices, that we live every moment. It’s great to be associated with GPTW and be recognized as Great Place to Work Mega Employer!”

Mr. Vinod Mehta, Chief Human Resources Officer, Teleperformance

Best Practice


BEST governs the training, on-boarding and regular mentoring of the support staff across all functions (Recruitment, Training, Quality, WFM, Account Management etc.)

The objective of BEST is to have a continuous learning process at all levels across all functions to ensure all employees at Teleperformance get equal opportunities to learn and grow.

BEST guidelines provide in-depth knowledge on how each support team should function. It is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who is starting their career as a Recruiter, Trainer, Quality Analyst, WFM, Project Managers etc. as it clearly defines roles, and shares best practices, do’s and don’ts along with formats and protocols to be used.

Every new member on the support team is first trained and certified on these processes which aid them in doing their jobs well. Periodic refreshers are conducted with the tenured staff as well to ensure that they stay connected.  

“We are delighted with this recognition. While Wipro has been providing opportunities to talented individuals, we have no doubt that it is the hard work and dedication of our employees who make us what we are. This honor further encourages and reinforces our social and economic commitment to the society.”

Mr. Saurabh Govil, CHRO, Wipro Limited

Best Practice

Digital Architect Academy

To keep the architects abreast with the next generation technologies, the Talent Transformation team has developed a learning eco-system for Digital Architects. This eco-system includes a set of programs on emerging technology landscape, digital architecture principles, developing proof of concepts, etc. that enables these professionals to build an all-round competency for “Digital” and proactively design solutions to address customer needs. Two-day workshops are conducted by practicing digital architects. Expectations of the customers, extensive inputs from Wipro senior management, line experts, and SMEs are considered in designing these training programs to meet the current and future industry requirements. The academy also started advanced delivery management programs in the year 2013. The next step for project managers is to manage large transformation programs. For this, the Program Management Academy (PgMA) was formed. The Academy aims to develop world class Program Managers through a structured 5-star certification program. The 5-star certification program identifies top performers from a pool of Senior Project Managers who aspire to pursue careers in Program Management. It intends to groom them to lead large transformational programs. The program stack helps in developing techno-functional and behavioural skills of these Program Managers.