India’s Best Employers Among Nation-Builders

A Great Place to Work® Special Initiative

Best Employers among Nation Builders

Why this Special Recognition Programme?

With the Covid-19 Pandemic taking a toll on the Indian economy, the responsibility of kick-starting and re-building the economy will largely rest with the organized industry. The lion’s share of that responsibility, once again, will have to be borne by those Organizations that fall in the category of ‘Nation Builders’. This calls for honoring and recognizing such Organizations.

Therefore, Great Place to Work® India decided to announce the launch of a special category of recognition in the forthcoming cycle of its national study, under the auspices of ‘India’s Best Employers Among Nation- Builders’. It is a vital endeavor in Great Place to Work®, India’s vision and journey of Making India a Great Place to Work.

What will be the Eligibility Criteria?

Nation Builders, by definition, would be Organizations considered as ethical Organizations that have been in existence for at least 10 years and are characterized by some of the following attributes:

  • Should have national brand presence or impact,
  • Should be large scale direct and indirect employment generators,
  • Should have a significant social impact, either through the work they do or by virtue of their corporate social responsibility initiatives,
  • Should be delivering an essential service
  • Should be creators of infrastructure, not just be riding on the pre-existing infrastructure
  • Should have a significantly large scale of customer or consumer base,
  • Amongst the highest tax contributors to the government
  • Should be promoting and positively impacting at least 3 of the 17 UN Global Goals.

To qualify for recognition in this category an organization will have to satisfy at least four of the characteristics enumerated above. This will be one of the most coveted and prestigious recognitions offered by Great Place to Work® in India and it will be the Institute’s privilege to select and honour the ‘Best Employers Among Nation-Builders.’

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What is the Evaluation Process?

Each organization that satisfies the eligibility criteria given above, will be put through an Assessment Process that will comprise a survey of its employees to capture the quality of Employee Experience and an evaluation of its People Practices to get a sneak preview of the culture and the way of life in the organization. This Assessment will be carried out once in a year and the results will be valid for being considered for most other relevant Certifications & Recognitions offered by Great Place to Work® Institute, India. Just like all other Certifications and Recognitions offered by Great Place to Work®, this recognition will also be valid for a period of one year, after which it will be eligible for renewal, upon re-assessment of the Organization.

How can your Organization be Nominated?

You may have your Organization nominated for this recognition simply by having your organization registered for the Great Place to Work® Assessment, completing this online registration form.


Once having registered, you may notify Great Place to Work® Institute of your interest in being considered for this honour. The team at Great Place to Work® will evaluate your nomination, based on the eligibility criteria mentioned above and confirm your organization’s participation for this category.


Conglomerates and Organizations that come under the umbrella of a Group will have the option to send in their nomination for this category as a Group. The Institute will draw a statistically valid sample that is representative of:

  • A minimum 2/3rd number of companies in the Group, and
  • A minimum 80 per cent of the Group’s employee base


A sample from this employee base, will then be drawn by the Institute, to ensure a minimum statistical validity @ 95% confidence level and 5% margin of error. And at the very least, the Great Place to Work® survey will be administered to this sample of employees.


Your registration for this category of recognition will also be valid for all other Certifications and Recognition that may be applicable, should you choose to be recognized as a Group for all other recognition opportunities.

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