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An organization committed to the goal of creating and sustaining a Great Workplace culture needs to invest in building an internal team of experts and evangelists who will ensure achievement of this goal.
Thus, a 4 month long intervention, followed by certification, is designed to enable organizations equip such internal champions.
This program is highly customized to meet unique needs of a client organization and accounts for the challenges and dilemmas faced by the internal champions / architects in their role as Great Place to Work® culture builders.


  • Design and develop people practices that are aligned to core values and employee value proposition
  • Master Great Place To Work® Framework & design principles of best people practices
  • Learn from Great Place To Work® repository of best practices and get access to Best Employers
  • Real application of re-designed people practices and gather feedback from relevant stakeholders for any course correction
  • Opportunity for program participants to build capability and get certified as Great Place To Work® Architects

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  • Enable the participants to understand, appreciate and apply tools, techniques, best practices and the philosophy of a Great Workplace to their respective organizational contexts and bring about real, sustainable changes to the culture and performance of these organizations.
  • Demonstrating Implementation – Participants to share the implementation experiences and evidence through the Great Place to Work® online tool.
  • Follow up – Monthly check in by Great Place To Work® to review progress on implementation of action plans, identify challenges and coach on overcoming these challenges, Sharing of best practices, virtual discussion boards for peer sharing.

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