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An integrated platform that enables leaders and people managers access actionable insights, craft impactful actions plans and measure employee pulse on the go.

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  • Enables Business Leaders, People Managers, HR to go beyond the feedback data and access actionable insights
  • Enables action planning
  • Provides best practices and suggestions from great workplaces
  • Helps conduct focused pulse checks or micro-surveys to see if action plans are making a difference


  • Go Beyond Data

Analyse employee feedback after employee engagement survey to generate contextual and actionable insights. Discover problem areas and know key drivers of engagement across the organization or in specific teams.

  • Best Practices and Benchmarks

Benchmark with the best companies, know what they are doing right and get inspired by the best practices across the globe.

  • Act to Impact

Comprehensive action planning and tracking to ensure the problem areas are addressed adequately at all levels. Business Leaders and HR get an oversight on what actions are being taken across the organization and if the needle moving towards a great employee experience!

  • Micro Survey

Continuous improvements through crisper and frequent pulse surveys. Analyse the impact of actions, course-correct and improve.

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