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India’s Best Leaders in
Times of Crisis

A study on India’s Best Leaders in Times of Crisis

Participation by Invite Only

Great Place to Work® is the 'Global Authority' in Workplace Culture Assessment and is considered as the 'Gold Standard' when it comes to identifying and sustaining High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM in organizations. For more than 3 decades, Great Place to Work® has partnered with organizations and business leaders across 60 countries to build a work culture that is 'Better for People, Better for Business and Better for the World'. A work culture that stands the test of time and ensures long term sustenance and Business Continuity.

India's Best Leaders in Times of Crisis is our initiative to identify organizations and their Leaders, who have demonstrated exceptional ability in dealing with the COVID-19 induced crisis.

Whether a crisis or an opportunity, one thing is clear - What you do or do not do as a leader will be remembered for a long time. Imagine, one year from now, you are addressing the management students of elite B-schools. They are listening with rapt attention to your story of business transformation. At the heart of this story is how you and your colleagues used the current crisis to create a sustained High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM. We want to partner you in writing this story, as it happens. Starting Now!

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India's Best Leaders in Times of Crisis


As a part of the study, your organization will also leverage the opportunity of assessment by Great Place to Work® and potential recognition as a Best Workplace.

Our process

How to Participate

  • Enrol

    Register to the study of 'Best Leaders in Times of Crisis' by filling the form.

    STEP 1
  • Capture History as it happens!

    Your team will update the actions and initiatives in a standard format.

    STEP 2
  • Survive to Thrive strategy

    In April 2021, we will administer a short survey on your employees to understand their perception of the success of the business transformation.

    STEP 3
  • India's Best Leaders in Times of Crisis

    In June 2021, we will announce India’s Best Leaders in Times of Crisis with a prestigious media partner.

    STEP 4

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