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An exclusive forum for the CXOs of the Best Workplaces™ in India

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About The Club

Become a part of this elite club for leaders of the organizations ranked by Great Place To Work® India. Members of this club learn from, ideate, share and network with each other in the strategy meetings and beyond.

The club also offers an opportunity to experience Great Place To Work India Study Missions. These are uniquely designed for members to learn directly from the Best Workplaces by visiting their headquarters, interacting with a cross-section of employees and leaders of the host organization, and gaining an in-depth understanding of their workplace culture journey.

The club aspires to be the “think tank” in the area of creating Great Workplaces For All™ that deliver sustained business results.

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Harvard Business Publishing is a learning partner of the club. They provide relevant case studies and speakers for the chosen themes

Club Objectives

The club was formed on the principles of being a self-sustainable club which others aspire to be a part of. The club meetings are facilitated by Great Place To Work on pre-defined themes. These meetings aim to help the members improve and sustain their leadership position in the talent market, by learning from each other and from the latest research in this field. The club has the following objectives:


Learn From Each Other
Coming together and not competing; Networking, meeting new people, learning more perspectives


Learn From the Best in the World
Get one globally known expert for each meeting.


Think Tank
Be a thought leader in its space – define the people agenda for the next decade and act as a sounding board for the industry and academia
Create successful models of future work
Members volunteer to incubate ideas which have the potential to qualitatively change the experience of their people and significantly impact business.

Club Activities

The members of the Best Employers’ Club and Great Place To Work collaborate to finalise the themes for the meetings.
The meetings on pre defined themes would include:
Breaking down the above as the Values we stand by:
Keynote Sessions
Study Mission
Case Studies
Research Presentations and more
The Study Mission is a unique opportunity for the club members to learn from one or more best workplaces. These are designed for the members to experience their workplace culture first hand and learn directly from the leaders and employees of such organizations. Each Study Mission allows:
  • To interact with the top leadership of the identified Great Workplaces and know more about their journey of becoming a Great Workplace.
  • To interact with a cross-section of employees of the host organization for a deeper understanding of their work culture.
Why should you be a part of the Great Community Club

Why should you be a part of the Great Certified Club?

  • 4 Strategy Meetings in the year – this could include Workshops, Keynotes or
  • Breakfast meetings
  • 1 Study Mission
  • Access to CXO Conclave – An exclusive event organized for the CEOs and CHROs of certified organizations
  • Learnings from Best Workplaces and Global Thought Leaders
  • 1 Complimentary pass for the Annual For All Summit
  • Opportunity to showcase success stories, best people practices, and other research based content on various Great Place To Work digital mediums
  • Unique offerings on high-value webinars and masterclasses
  • Opportunity to impact the larger community through projects such as mutually identified cause, skill-based mentoring, supporting underrepresented communities
  • Forum with multiple features for engagement and networking with members
    beyond the meetings
  • Access to Global experts and speakers at a special fee
Best Employers’ Club Season 10 Members

Our Past Speakers

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Aditya Ghosh

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Ahmed El Sheikh

Frame 30-1

Apurva Purohit

Frame 30-14

Arunima Sinha

Frame 30-2

Arun Maira

Frame 30-3

Deep Kalra

Frame 30-4

Gary Hamel

Frame 30-16

Graeme Codrington

Frame 30-17

Harsh Mariwala


Kris Gopalakrishnan

Frame 30-20

Jurgen Appelo

Frame 30-5

Marshall Goldsmith

Frame 30-13Frame 30-13

Parmesh Shahani

Frame 30-7

Patu Keswani

Frame 30-18

Capt Raghu Raman

Frame 30-8

Ram Charan

Frame 30-6

Rajan Anandan

Frame 30-9

Santrupt Mishra

Frame 30-19

Srikumar Rao

Frame 30-10

Suresh Narayanan

Frame 30-11

Umang Bedi

Frame 30-21

Vala Afshar

Frame 30-22

Vinita Bali

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