Commitment towards Social Sustainability


Our Methodology

The inaugural edition of the Great Place To Work® study in India offers a comprehensive analysis of large, established organizations across various industries and sectors, focusing on their commitment to social sustainability. The research study is grounded in three fundamental pillars, encompassing a broad range of aspects vital to organizational excellence and societal impact.

Central to this study is the Trust Index™ Survey, a globally recognized and validated instrument for gathering employee feedback. This survey meticulously captures employee perspectives on critical areas such as human rights advocacy, the promotion of well-being, fostering inclusive growth, and supporting equitable development.

To ensure the integrity and accuracy of the findings, the Great Place To Work® Institute engages in a rigorous validation process of the data obtained through this assessment. The synthesis of insights from the Trust Index Survey, coupled with an evaluation of the quality of practices identified in the Culture Audit, forms the basis for assessing an organization's position with respect to social sustainability. This holistic approach enables a nuanced understanding of how organizations contribute to and navigate the complex landscape of social sustainability.

India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2023

Organization NameCategoryNumber of employeesLocationCompany Profile
_VOISTop 2514950Pune
Accenture Solutions Private LimitedTop 25300000Bangalore
Akamai Technologies India Private LimitedTop 252496Bangalore
Atlassian India LLPTop 251597Bangalore
Blue Yonder India Private LimitedTop 252741Bangalore
Cadence Design Systems (India) Private LimitedTop 253200Noida
CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Private LimitedTop 2517914Bangalore
Cisco Systems India Private LimitedTop 2514832Bangalore
Encora Innovation Labs India Private LimitedTop 252908Bangalore
H & R Block (India) Private LimitedTop 25879Tiruvananthapuram
HashedIn Technologies Private LimitedTop 252293Bangalore
HPTop 257738Bangalore
Iris SoftwareTop 252740Noida
Lowe's Services India Private LimitedTop 254037Bangalore
MOURI Tech Private LimitedTop 252038Hyderabad
NVIDIATop 253713Bangalore
S&P GlobalTop 2512575Hyderabad
SalesforceTop 259258Bangalore
TeleperformanceTop 2566793Gurgaon
ThoughtworksTop 254045Bangalore
TIAA Global Capabilities Private LimitedTop 252769Mumbai
TO THE NEW Private LimitedTop 252154Noida
Version 1 Services Private LimitedTop 25241Bangalore
Wipro LimitedTop 25206576Bangalore
WNS-VuramTop 25924Chennai
[24]7.aiTop 505165Bangalore
Admiral IndiaTop 50174Gurgaon
ADP Private LimitedTop 5011110Hyderabad
Allianz Technology SE (India)Top 504748Tiruvananthapuram
CSG Systems International (India) Private LimitedTop 502010Bangalore
Experian IndiaTop 50850Mumbai
First American (India) Private LimitedTop 505575Bangalore
GS Lab | GAVSTop 503556Chennai
Guardian India Operations Private LimitedTop 502615Chennai
Impetus Technologies India Private LimitedTop 502736Indore
Infosys LimitedTop 50277616Bangalore
Jade Global Software Private LimitedTop 501218Pune
Juniper NetworksTop 503726Bangalore
Mastercard IncorporatedTop 505700Gurgaon
Pitney Bowes India Private LimitedTop 50865Noida
Rakuten India Enterprise Private LimitedTop 501504Bangalore
Rimini Street India Operations Private LimitedTop 50695Hyderabad
ServiceNow Software Development India Private LimitedTop 504144Hyderabad
SUN LIFE INDIA SERVICE CENTRE Private LimitedTop 502159Gurgaon
SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICES Private LimitedTop 5017252Chennai
Tiger Analytics India Consulting Private LimitedTop 502829Chennai
WWT India Private LimitedTop 50244Mumbai
YASH Technologies Private LimitedTop 505202Indore
Acquia India Private LimitedTop 100330Pune
Admiral SolutionsTop 1001047Gurgaon
Aegis Customer Support Services Private Limited (a Startek company)Top 10016412Mumbai
AGS Health Private LimitedTop 10012435Chennai
Allianz Services Private LimitedTop 1003690Tiruvananthapuram
Altudo Consultancy Services Private LimitedTop 100435Gurgaon
Apisero Global Integration Solutions Private LimitedTop 1001877Pune
Aristocrat Technologies India Private LimitedTop 1001142Noida
Aspire Systems (India) Private LimitedTop 1004210Chennai
Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)Top 100272Noida
Capgemini Technology Services India LimitedTop 100174491Thane
Carelon Global SolutionsTop 10015262Bangalore
CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Private LimitedTop 1005347Mumbai
Coforge LimitedTop 10018137Delhi
Commvault Systems (India) Private LimitedTop 100902Hyderabad
DevOnTop 100340Bangalore
Esri India Technologies Private LimitedTop 100456Noida
Evora IT Solutions Private LimitedTop 100190Bangalore
F5 Networks Innovation Private LimitedTop 100933Hyderabad
FingentTop 100496Ernakulam
Fractal Analytics Private LimitedTop 1003484Mumbai
General Mills India Private LimitedTop 1001723Mumbai
Infostretch Corporation (I) Private LimitedTop 1001551Ahmedabad
J.C.PENNEY SERVICES INDIA Private LimitedTop 100715Bangalore
Junglee GamesTop 100631Delhi
LatentView Analytics LimitedTop 100922Chennai
Lenovo(India) Private LimitedTop 1001588Bangalore
Manhattan Associates (India) Development Centre Private LimitedTop 1001908Bangalore
MiQ Digital India Private LimitedTop 100370Bangalore
NatWest Group IndiaTop 10013599Gurgaon
Netsmartz Infotech (I) Private LimitedTop 100509Gurgaon
NOUS INFOSYSTEMSTop 1001234Bangalore
Opcito TechnologiesTop 100123Pune
Precisely Software and Data India Private LimitedTop 100508Delhi
Prevalent AI India Private LimitedTop 100129Ernakulam
Providence Global CenterTop 100880Hyderabad
Quantiphi Analytics Solutions Private LimitedTop 1003521Mumbai
SD Global Services India Private LimitedTop 100202Noida
SLK Software Private LimitedTop 1002108Bangalore
Soliton Technologies Private LimitedTop 100277Bangalore
STT Global Data Centres India Private LimitedTop 100288Mumbai
TenableTop 100120Mumbai
Thomson ReutersTop 1004693Mumbai
Trane TechnologiesTop 1001189Bangalore
US Technology International Private LimitedTop 10014037Tiruvananthapuram
Valorem ReplyTop 100235Ernakulam
Virtusa Consulting Services Private LimitedTop 10024944Hyderabad
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