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Most NGO studies identify these four as differentiators: a great cause, measurable impact, dependable supply of funds, and well-managed operations.

A successful NGO is built on a solid foundation of sustainability, entrepreneurship, dependable funding sources, and a dedicated team. However, one of the biggest challenges for NGOs is attracting and retaining talented individuals. Therefore, the best NGOs prioritize the professional development of their workforce and provide ample opportunities for skill-building, both for their employees and the communities they serve.

Great Place To Work® India has been conducting a culture assessment and certification of NGOs pro-bono, providing them with a detailed report based on employee feedback. Considering the impact the NGOs can create through their work, we believe this opportunity should be available to more and more NGOs nationwide.


Great Place To Work, India invites the leaders of India Inc. to nominate and sponsor one NGO of their choice to participate in the Great Place To Work culture assessment and certification program.

Through EACH ONE GET ONE, you can be instrumental in building the employer brand for the NGO you nominate and help in its positioning as a great workplace. The mission-aligned talent pool is the lifeblood of an NGO.

NGOs in India empower grass-root communities with their initiatives, connecting with vulnerable segments of society. They contribute to myriad causes toward a self-reliant and inclusive India. Nominate an NGO for the Great Place To Work assessment to help them build a great workplace and attract better talent. Certified NGOs can be featured among India’s Best NGOs to Work For, announced annually during the Daan Utsav Week in October.

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