India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM

Our Methodology

Great Place To Work® invites applications from IT and IT-BPM organizations to be assessed and evaluated for being considered among 'India's Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM.' This year, 455 organizations in the IT & IT-BPM sector undertook this assessment as against 263 in the previous year.

All these organizations underwent a rigorous evaluation. As part of this assessment, the organizations are studied through two lenses.

  • The first lens measures the quality of employee experience through our globally validated survey instrument, Trust Index©. The survey helps seek anonymous employee feedback and carries 75% weightage when being considered for the Best Workplaces lists.

  • The second lens is called Culture Audit©, which is a proprietary tool of the Institute that evaluates the strength of the leadership as supported by meaningful values & philosophy and the quality of the practices & programs that shape employee experience, build consistent levels of trust and enable each individual to use their potential to better organizational performance. This carries 25% weightage.

  • The Institute undertakes a robust validation process on the data gathered through the assessment process. The cumulative score of the Trust Index and Culture Audit determines an organization's inclusion in India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM List 2022.

    India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM

    Organization NameCategory Number of employeesCompany Profile
    [24]7.aiTop 255346
    Admiral SolutionsTop 25596
    Adobe Inc.Top 255501
    ADP Pvt. Ltd.Top 259440
    Aegis Customer Support Services Pvt. Ltd. (a Startek company)Top 2512424
    Akamai Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.Top 251992
    Altimetrik India Pvt. Ltd.Top 252278
    Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.Top 252212
    Atlassian India LLPTop 25608
    Cadence Design Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.Top 252307
    Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd.Top 2512635
    Citrix Systems, IncTop 251787
    Happiest Minds Technologies LimitedTop 252504
    HERE TechnologiesTop 254193
    HPTop 257036
    Impetus Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.Top 251285
    Intuit IndiaTop 251050
    Novac Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Top 252338
    SalesforceTop 253533
    SAS Institute (India) Pvt. Ltd.Top 25220
    SAS Research and Development Pvt. Ltd.Top 25450
    Tesco BengaluruTop 253867
    TO THE NEW Pvt. Ltd.Top 251321
    VuramTop 25515
    YASH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Top 253963
    _VOISTop 7512069
    Allianz Technology SE (India)Top 753948
    Aristocrat Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.Top 75911
    Axtria India Pvt. Ltd.Top 751307
    Blue Yonder India Pvt. Ltd.Top 752527
    CDK Global (India) Pvt. Ltd.Top 751127
    CEIPAL Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Top 75199
    CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Pvt. Ltd.Top 753081
    Commvault Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.Top 75568
    CrowdStrikeTop 75289
    CtrlS Datacenters Ltd.Top 75524
    Cvent India Pvt. Ltd.Top 751527
    Doyen Systems Pvt. Ltd.Top 75126
    Dream Sports (Sporta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)Top 75556
    Eli Lilly Services India Pvt. Ltd.Top 75944
    Episource India Pvt. Ltd.Top 753029
    ESDS Software Solution Ltd.Top 75870
    F5 Networks Innovation Pvt. Ltd.Top 75644
    FingentTop 75356
    Gainsight Software Pvt. Ltd.Top 75458
    General Mills India Pvt. Ltd.Top 751399
    Genesys Telecomlabs India Pvt. Ltd.Top 75517
    GEP WorldwideTop 752347
    Gradestack Learning Pvt. Ltd.Top 75785
    Guardian India Operations Pvt. Ltd.Top 752022
    HashedIn Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Top 751126
    John Deere - Enterprise Technology & Engineering CenterTop 753125
    Junglee GamesTop 75347
    Lennox India Technology CentreTop 75442
    Litmus7 Systems Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Top 75339
    Mastercard IncorporatedTop 753486
    MindtickleTop 75327
    MongoDBTop 75212
    MSC Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.Top 75867
    Nabler Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Top 75148
    NatWest IndiaTop 7513400
    NVIDIA Graphics Pvt. Ltd.Top 752658
    PubMatic India Pvt. Ltd.Top 75237
    Quovantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Top 75243
    Rakuten India Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.Top 751357
    RealPage India Pvt. Ltd.Top 751288
    RVU IndiaTop 75202
    S&P GlobalTop 757931
    SourceFuse TechnologiesTop 75231
    Sun Life India Service Centre Pvt. Ltd.Top 751705
    Tavisca Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Top 75656
    TeleperformanceTop 7553809
    ThinkPalm Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Top 75501
    ThoughtworksTop 752670
    Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Top 752413
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