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Join us as we bring together leading professionals and thought leaders to share their expertise and discuss your industry’s most pressing issues today.
Great Place To Work® India is committed to partnering with companies to build and sustain High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures. We consistently share practical insights from our research and learning from the best workplaces globally with the community. We conduct an exclusive series of Industry Roundtables and Discussions focused on Expertise in Workplace Culture Transformation, featuring conversations with the CXOs of Best Workplaces across different industry sectors.


The goal is to unite the community and gain insights from leaders on navigating the current crisis and preparing for the future. The discussions will center around these key areas

  • Role of Leadership during these challenging times
  • Caring for Community
  • Learning from Great Place To Work® research and learning from across the globe.
  • Actionable insights based on the experience of these leaders that you can apply in your organizations
  • Fundamental Shifts and Disruptions in the Business Landscape.
  • Managing expectations of stakeholders and self

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