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National Trust Index

Thank you for participating in the National Trust Index™ Survey – a pioneering study that articulates the current state of workplace culture in India. Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping decisions on workplace culture across industries, government bodies, and even policy-making! The National Trust Index is the nation’s voice. Thank you for sharing yours.

Please note that this is an anonymous survey. You can respond to the survey with reference to your current job. In case you are currently not in employment, please respond with reference to your last job.

Please note that your responses to the survey will remain confidential. A research report on the National Trust Index will be distributed for learning and research purpose. The responses you share reflect your perception of your workplace and in no way indicates whether your organization is Great Place To Work® Certified™ or not.

Section 1: Please share your responses to the following statements:

Section 2: Tell us more about yourself:

(Please note that sharing this information is absolutely at your discretion and will only be used to share the research insights from the study with you.)