Transform Your Company Culture with Our Proven Employee Experience Platform

Get the insights you need to drive employee engagement and retention. The best companies to work for use employee engagement software backed up by 30 years of research, proven to enhance company culture, boost employee engagement, and benefit your business and employees.
  • Build cross-functional teams and design effective people practices.
  • Teams made up of representatives from various departments can provide a more comprehensive and well-rounded perspective, while ensuring that all aspects of the organization are taken into account when creating policies and practices
  • Create a high-trust, high-performance culture where you define the desired employee experience.
  • Understand the needs and expectations of employees and aligning organizational policies and practices to meet them
  • Coaching and certifying people managers is crucial in delivering a great employee experience.
  • Organizations can ensure that employees receive consistent and high-quality support by providing managers with the skills and knowledge they need to lead and support their teams.



Great Place To Work® Fundamentals Workshop
Align leaders to the Great Place To Work model, inspire the need to create & sustain a Great Place To Work and the role that leaders play in creating such an environment, and derive actions managers can take.
People Practices Workshop
It helps in understanding the cardinal principles of designing efficacious people practices & prioritizing people practice areas in your organization that need to be strengthened.
Action Planning Workshop
Apart from collectively prioritizing key focus areas and arriving at concrete action plans by utilizing the employees’ perspective from the Trust Index© survey, the workshop also creates a shared understanding of a great workplace among the leaders.
Employee Value Proposition Intervention
The employee value proposition (EVP) is a powerful tool organization uses to attract and retain talent. This is done by matching the company’s values with the workers’ values and making the company stand out compared to other companies. It is facilitated through Pre-workshop data collection, followed by a workshop combining case studies, tools, and exercises.
Trust Impact™
Trust Impact™ – our intuitive Action planning online tool enables organizations to slice and dice their survey data at their fingertips and allows business leader and manager-based action planning.
Feedback to Action – Great Place to Work Architect Certification
A certification program designed to enable organizations to identify and support an internal team of experts who will advise, support and drive the goal of sustaining a great workplace culture. This six-month coaching and certification program is designed to enable organizations to identify and support internal champions by identifying a 12-20 member cross-functional team of volunteers from Business / Human Resources / Learning & Development & Organizational Development functions.
People Manager Capability Building Intervention and Certification
This organization development intervention enables people managers to assume responsibility for making a change and create trust-based, high-performing teams.


Employee Experience Surveys
Gather in-depth insights on the experience of all employees at both organization and team levels and understand critical levers of engagement at your organization.
Help business leaders make better decisions – Discover how to optimize organization spending by identifying high-impact initiatives and intervention needs.
Manager Scorecards
Create an environment of personal best and discretionary effort in the organization by empowering leaders and managers to receive data on their team’s engagement, and benchmark themselves against peers and percentile comparators.
People Manager Effectiveness Survey
Assess how effectively people managers create a great workplace culture in your organization.
Culture Audit Assessment
Evaluate the effectiveness of programs, policies, and practices that foster credibility within workgroups and promote trustworthy culture.
People Practice Certification
Evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s current people practices across 9 different areas that directly impact employee experience.



Continuous Feedback
Institutionalize a culture of continuous feedback to enable HR, Leaders, and Managers to listen, understand and act on employee feedback.
CEO Culture Dashboard
Employee Feedback is a proven lead indicator of business performance. We empower Business Leaders to manage their workplace culture by designing and deploying a dynamic Culture Dashboard.
Digital certification of people managers
Encourage managers to sustain a culture of trust-based, high-performance by enrolling them in the digital (re)certification process.