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India’s Best Workplaces for Women 2020. Last date to apply – 25th May!

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Announced! Asia’s Best Workplaces 2020

Culture Consulting

Our mission is to help organizations build High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™
by using our expert knowledge of the Best Workplaces, globally.

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Understand and define the desired employee experience

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Build cross-functional teams that work together to design the right people practices

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Coach & certify people managers to deliver great employee experience

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Better for People. Better for Business. Better for the World.

Great Place to Work® is the Global Authority in creating, sustaining and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ at workplaces. Every year, we partner more than 10,000 organizations across 60 countries and help them build a great work culture for their employees.

Why Leaders recommend Great Place to Work® Certification?

  • Shraddhanjali Rao

    VP Human Resources

    SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

    "… helped us gain mind share with the best talent pools across industries."

  • Rajeev Jain


    Bajaj Finance Ltd.

    "Today, talent knows the value of an organization that has been recognised by Great Place to Work®. The recognition adds to the credibility of the organization."

  • T V Narendran

    CEO, MD

    TATA Steel India

    "This recognition reinforces our commitment to respect for diversity and equal opportunity to employees."

  • Smita Jatia


    Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (McDonald’s West & South India)

    "Being recognized as a Great Place to Work by the institute have helped us foster pride in self, service and company. It has helped in learning and sharing of best practices beyond our sector."

  • Dr. Pawan Goenka


    Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive & Farm Equipment Sectors

    As an organization we believe in continuously raising the bar and becoming an employer of choice. External benchmarks such as Great Place to Work® study provides an excellent opportunity for us to get insights on where can we do even better as an organization.

Our Recognized Great Workplaces are Industry Leaders too

Making India A Great Place to Work


Broad Industries Covered


Organisations Assessed in India


Certified Companies in India

2 Mn+

Employees Surveyed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Great Place to Work® determine the Best Workplaces in the country?

    Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 58 countries partner Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is recognized as rigorous and objective and is considered as the 'Gold Standard' for defining great workplaces across business, academia and government organizations.

    As part of the assessment, all organizations are studied through two lenses. The first lens measures the quality of employee experience through our globally validated survey instrument known as Trust Index©. The survey helps in seeking anonymous feedback from employees. The second lens is called Culture Audit© - is a proprietary tool of the Institute that evaluates the quality of people practices of an organization, covering the entire employee life-cycle.

    The institute also considers whether an organization that has met the criteria defined by the institute on employee experience and people practices is also a ‘Great Place to Work for ALL’ i.e. all employees in the organization irrespective of their tenure, age, gender, role etc. are experiencing a great workplace culture. In this criteria, any demographic group that forms 10% or more of the company’s employee strength, should not have a significantly different experience (Trust Index© score) from the average score of the entire organization. Download our brochure to know more.

  • What else do you do, other than publish lists?

    Great Place to Work® exists to build a better world by helping organizations become GreatPlaces to Work® FOR ALL. We help organizations build a High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM by using our knowledge of the Best Workplaces globally. Best Workplaces Lists are an important part of our work, as they gather data and research that we can use as resources to help any organisation learn from the best and improve their workplace. They provide important motivation and recognition in the marketplace for those companies who are successful in creating outstanding workplaces.

    At our core, our business is about analysing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individual organisations as they seek to create great workplaces. We provide data, analysis, recommendations, as well as support with respect to Manager Capability Building and Certification and resources in the form of events, peer networking, research and publications that will help any company in any industry anywhere in the world to create a great workplace.

  • I am part of a multinational organisation and I want to apply to best company lists or engage your services in multiple countries. What should I do?

    Great Place to Work® has experience working with multinational organisations to create a consistent workplace culture across cultural boundaries and structural or programmatic differences. Consulting services and application to best companies lists can be centrally coordinated to save your leaders time and centralize the collection and analysis of international results. Write to to know more.

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