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8 Reasons to Get Certified by Great Place To Work

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Earning a Great Place To Work® CertificationTM is one of the few achievements that every HR leader takes the most pride in. It sends a message to the rest of the world that they have developed a positive workplace culture. This Certification is also the industry benchmark for an inclusive culture in any company where recognition is based on merit and career paths are skill-based.

Getting Certified in workplace culture will help people understand what it takes to create a healthy and productive environment for employees and to make sure that people are happy at work.

Here are the top 8 reasons why an organization should consider becoming Great Place To Work Certified.

1. Increase your offer acceptance rate by attracting the best talents in the industry

Today, strong organizational culture is an essential need for any prospective candidate. The organizational policies show how valuable work-life balance and employee well-being are for the employer. And this Certification thus acts as a benchmark in evaluating job proposals against employer claims. A positive work environment makes employees feel safe and appreciated, which in turn helps them perform better at their job. An employee’s happiness at the workplace is directly linked to their productivity and creativity. Thus, everyone wants to work in an environment that has a great culture and values system. Earning this Certification signifies that existing employees support the leadership and culture of their company. It demonstrates to applicants that management appreciates their employees, and so they would happily advocate for their company to others.

2. Quantify and enhance your company culture against key metrics

This Certification is designed to help companies quantify and enhance their corporate culture against certain set standards. The goal is to create an environment where employees are engaged, motivated, and productive. The results of the Trust Index™ Survey are the gold standard for determining the employee experience in any organization. These results play a vital role in earning the Certification. The survey analysis will help you to get into your employees’ minds and understand their perceptions of your strengths and potential improvement areas in terms of organizational culture.

3. Reaffirm the values and culture of your organization

Earning the Certification is a great way to show your commitment to building a strong organizational culture. It helps to reaffirm the values that your organization stands for and ensure that they are being upheld. The Certification process verifies the practices and policies of an organization, ensuring that they are in line with the Great Place To Work gold standards. It also helps to create a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture in the organization where employees feel valued and respected, leading to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction. Since employee opinions drive the results, it serves as a reminder that, indeed, your organization is a Great Place To Work. With this Certification, you can be sure that your organization is upholding its core values and culture for all employees.

4. Build employee pride

Organizations must earn this badge to build a sense of pride among their employees. This will help them to convey how much the organization values their efforts and is ready to incorporate changes for employee wellbeing. The result of this survey also helps to create an environment where employees can feel motivated and inspired to do their best work. This in turn can lead to better customer service and improved overall morale in the workplace.

5. Proudly display your badge of honor

This Certification is a badge of honor for any organization that has earned it. The Certification is an internationally recognized symbol of excellence in the workplace culture and reflects the commitment of the Certified organizations toward creating an inclusive, diverse, and equitable work environment for all. It also helps organizations demonstrate their dedication towards providing employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as recognition for their efforts in making positive changes in the workplace. A badge is awarded to each Certified company. You can use it to keep your achievements in the public’s and your partners’ and employees’ eyes. Many businesses proudly display the badge on their job postings, social media accounts, and email signatures.

6. Become qualified for prestigious top company culture awards

Great Place To WorkCertification is an important milestone that organizations can earn to become qualified for prestigious top company culture awards. It also helps organizations stand out from the competition by showcasing their commitment to creating a positive work culture that supports employee growth and development.

7. Flaunt your company profile page on our website

The organizations can flaunt their company profile page on our website to declare that they are Great Place To Work Certified. It will help them build trust with potential employees, customers, and investors, as well as create a positive brand image. We create a profile page for each Certified company. You can disclose information about your business and any other achievements earned from the Best Workplaces lists. To give tangible proof of their outstanding corporate culture. Certified organizations frequently link their profiles to the career page of their website.

8. Create goodwill and a sense of trust among your shareholders, employees, and other business stakeholders

The organization can create goodwill and a sense of trust among shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders by communicating with them about their Certification. Companies can also showcase their commitment to creating a work environment where everyone feels respected and supported and can reach their potential.

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As you can see, with Certification, Recognition is merely the icing on the cake. Make your employees and associates proud, hire the best candidates, and identify any shortcomings in your HR policies.
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