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In a time of constant change and the battle to stand out from the ever-increasing competition, organisations are only as good as their people. Based on Great Place to Work® research conducted in the USA and India over more than a decade, organisations that create a great workplace environment consistently outperform the market indices. To create a High Trust – High-Performance™ Culture has become a must-do rather than a nice-to-do agenda for leaders.

Great Place to Work® offers a variety of solutions to Organisations and People Leaders who are embarking on the journey creating a great workplace culture or are working towards strengthening and sustaining existing good culture practices.

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Who is the service for & benefits?

Organizations that would like to assess the prevalent employee experience and the efficacy of the people practice through a structured, globally validated framework backed by 20 years of research.

Leaders who would like to diagnose employee experience and act on the same to bring about a culture shift that will enable employees to achieve organizational objectives by giving their personal best and working together as a team. The large global and industry repository of data with Great Place to Work® enables us to offer key insights through comparisons with organizations from whom you gain or lose talent. The diagnostic insights can help gain an understanding into key talent archetypes and pinpoint the drivers to retain them.

Great Place to Work® assessment solutions will also behove organisations and leaders who have already laid a good cultural foundation and would like to assess the impact of the same at regular intervals and bring in course corrections to their internal action plans.

The service also helps organizations assess how effectively people managers are creating a great workplace culture in their span of control, while also evaluating the effectiveness of people practices of the organisation.

Our Solutions

Employee-Experience-Surveys– 1, Great Place to Work in India, India’s best workplaces

Employee Experience Surveys

Gather in-depth insights on the experience of all employees at both organization and team level and understand critical levers of engagement at your organization.

Analytics – 2, Great Place to Work in India, India’s best workplaces


Help business leaders make better decisions – Discover how to optimize organization spends by identifying high impact initiatives and intervention needs.

Manager-Scorecards – 3, Great Place to Work in India, India’s best workplaces

Manager Scorecards

Create an environment of personal best and discretionary effort in the organization by empowering leaders and managers to receive data on their team’s engagement, benchmark themselves against peers and percentile comparators.

People-Manager-Effectiveness-Survey-4, Great Place to Work in India, India’s best workplaces

People Manager Effectiveness Survey

Assess how effectively people managers create a great workplace culture in your organisation.

Culture-Audit-Assessment– 5, Great Place to Work in India, India’s best workplaces

Culture Audit Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of programs, policies and practices that foster credibility within workgroups and promote a culture based on trust.

People-Practice- Certification-6, Great Place to Work in India, India’s best workplaces

People Practice Certification

Evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s current people practices across 9 different areas that directly impact employee experience.

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Why Leaders recommend Great Place to Work® Certification?

  • Rajeev Jain


    Bajaj Finance Ltd.

    "Today, talent knows the value of an organization that has been recognised by Great Place to Work®. The recognition adds to the credibility of the organization."

  • T V Narendran

    CEO, MD

    TATA Steel India

    "This recognition reinforces our commitment to respect for diversity and equal opportunity to employees."

  • Smita Jatia


    Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (McDonald’s West & South India)

    "Being recognized as a Great Place to Work by the institute have helped us foster pride in self, service and company. It has helped in learning and sharing of best practices beyond our sector."

  • Dr. Pawan Goenka

    Former MD

    Mahindra and Mahindra Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors

    As an organization we believe in continuously raising the bar and becoming an employer of choice. External benchmarks such as Great Place to Work® study provides an excellent opportunity for us to get insights on where can we do even better as an organization.