India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces 2023

2023-india's great mid-size workplaces

Our Methodology

Insights into the framework of India’s largest and most credible workplace culture study to identify best workplaces

Backed by 30 years of data, Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Great Place To Work’s methodology, derived from years of studying the best workplaces across the globe, is recognised as rigorous and objective, and considered the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia, and government organisations. Their proprietary methodology and platform enable leaders to capture, analyse, and understand the experience of every employee, and compare outcomes with data collected from more than 100 million employees in 150 countries worldwide.

Great Place To Work’s For All methodology is based on the fact that fast-changing competitive landscapes and the need for speed and agility indicate that doing healthy business is about improving results by creating workplace culture where leaders empower all individuals to reach their full potential and where every employee feels a sense of belonging regardless of their demography.

All organisations that nominate themselves for India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces™ list undergo an assessment. This assessment aims at studying the ways in which organisations completely channelise their people power and create inclusive workplaces through effective leadership, meaningful values, and a culture where all employees experience high levels of trust, such that each employee is able to bring their best self to work.

As part of this assessment, all organisations are studied through two lenses. The first lens measures the quality of employee experience through our globally validated survey instrument known as Trust Index™ Survey and carries 75 per cent weightage. The survey helps in seeking anonymous feedback from employees and aims to measure the core of what creates great workplaces—key behaviours that drive trust in management, connection with colleagues, and loyalty to the company. The For All™ model not only looks at the aggregate employee experience of an organisation, but also measures the differences in survey responses across demographic groups and roles within each organisation to assess the quality and consistency of the employee experience.

The second lens, called Culture Audit™, is a proprietary tool of Great Place To Work that evaluates the strength of the leadership as supported by meaningful values and philosophy and quality of the practices and programmes that shape employee experience, build consistent levels of trust, and enable each individual to use their potential to better organisational performance. This carries 25 per cent weightage. This tool comprises six questions that provide greater insight into how and why the organisation is great for all people.
Great Place To Work India undertakes a robust validation process on the data gathered through the assessment process. The cumulative score of Trust Index and Culture Audit determines an organisation’s position in the ranking scoreboard and helps in identifying ‘India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces’. No individual or jury has a say in who makes it to the list—only employee feedback and quality of Culture Audit determine if an organisation is a great workplace.
Every participating organisation receives their employee survey feedback report with an online analytics dashboard post the completion of the assessment, for which each organisation pays a standard fee. This assessment is done pro bono for NGOs and Social Services Organisations in India. Great Place To Work India also has a consulting practice and the total consulting revenue from the ‘India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces’, in the financial year 2022-23 is 7.79 per cent of the total revenue. Great Place To Work India has a stated policy of not soliciting business from the winners of India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces.

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India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces

RankCompany NameRank CategoryEmployee StrengthHeadQuarterView Profile
1Version 1 Services Private LimitedTop 50241Bengaluru
2H & R Block (India) Private LimitedTop 50786Tiruvananthapuram
3Varthana Finance Private LimitedTop 50750Bengaluru
4GUS Global Services India Pvt LtdTop 50440Gurgaon
5F5 Networks Innovation Private LimitedTop 50934Hyderabad
6WNS VuramTop 50924Chennai
7Pearl AcademyTop 50237Delhi
8Pitney Bowes India Private LimitedTop 50865Noida
9Gera Developments Private LimitedTop 50239Pune
10Syngenta Services Private LimitedTop 50723Pune
11WWT India Private LimitedTop 50244Mumbai
12ORIX Leasing & Financial Services LimitedTop 50194Mumbai
13ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services LimitedTop 50326Mumbai
14Toyota Connected IndiaTop 50127Bengaluru
15Coupa Software India Private LimitedTop 50623Pune
16Hilti India Private LimitedTop 50926Gurgaon
17DHL Logistics Private LimitedTop 50663Mumbai
18Mindbody Software Private LimitedTop 50339Pune
19Admiral IndiaTop 50174Gurgaon
20Cloudwerx Solutions India Private LimitedTop 50110Pune
21ABC Consultants Private LimitedTop 50223Delhi
22PayNearbyTop 50759Mumbai
23University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)Top 50860Dehradun
24SeedWorks International Private LimitedTop 50365Hyderabad
25J.C.Penney Services India Private LimitedTop 50715Bengaluru
26Ryan India Tax Services Private LimitedTop 50818Hyderabad
27Toppan Speciality Films Private LimitedTop 50468Jalandhar
28Amara Raja Electronics LimitedTop 50325Tirupati
29Brigade Hospitality Services LimitedTop 50255Bengaluru
30Maersk IndiaTop 50921Mumbai
31Opcito TechnologiesTop 50113Pune
32Acquia India Private LimitedTop 50327Pune
33FingentTop 50496Ernakulam
34Sharda ExportsTop 50189Meerut
35STT Global Data Centres India Private LimitedTop 50288Mumbai
36Sula Vineyards LimitedTop 50749Mumbai
37Prevalent AI India Private LimitedTop 50129Ernakulam
38Gennova Biopharmaceuticals LimitedTop 50628Pune
39Shyam Spectra Private LimitedTop 50738Gurgaon
40Aubergine Solutions Private LimitedTop 50101Ahmedabad
41Valorem ReplyTop 50196Ernakulam
42Providence Global CenterTop 50880Hyderabad
43Chegg India Private LimitedTop 50769Delhi
44Mahindra Accelo - IndiaTop 50310Mumbai
45Commvault Systems (India) Private LimitedTop 50902Hyderabad
46DevOnTop 50340Bengaluru
47Altudo Consultancy Services Private LimitedTop 50435Gurgaon
48MiQ Digital India Private LimitedTop 50370Bengaluru
49LatentView Analytics LimitedTop 50822Chennai
50Hygienic Research Institute Private LimitedTop 50978Mumbai
51Esri India Technologies Private LimitedTop 100456Noida
52Airtel Payments BankTop 100993Gurgaon
53Junglee GamesTop 100631Delhi
54Instant Transport Solution Private LimitedTop 100201Gurgaon
55Freecharge Payment Technologies Private LimitedTop 100667Gurgaon
56Beam Global Spirits & Wine India Private LimitedTop 100456Gurgaon
57ISSGF India Private LimitedTop 100170Mumbai
58Brigade Enterprises LimitedTop 100892Bengaluru
59Soliton Technologies Private LimitedTop 100277Bengaluru
60Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)Top 100272Noida
61Hershey India Private LimitedTop 100403Mumbai
62Acuiti Labs (India) Private LimitedTop 100137Pune
63Netsmartz Infotech (I) Private LimitedTop 100509Gurgaon
64Precisely Software and Data India Private LimitedTop 100508Delhi
65Randstad RiseSmartTop 100125Pune
66Breakthrough TrustTop 100143Delhi
67Globus Infocom LimitedTop 100265Noida
68Kumar Equipment (India) Private LimitedTop 100117Delhi
69Godrej CapitalTop 100460Mumbai
70Celio Future Fashion Private LimitedTop 100777Mumbai
71Evora IT Solutions Private LimitedTop 100190Bengaluru
72Hafele India Private LimitedTop 100860Mumbai
73PubMatic India Private LimitedTop 100477Pune
74Axelerant Technologies Private LimitedTop 100184Delhi
75Western Union Services India Private LimitedTop 100867Mumbai
76Ignitarium Technology Solutions Private LimitedTop 100347Bengaluru
77Terumo India Private LimitedTop 100108Gurgaon
78Amara Raja Power Systems LimitedTop 100360Tirupati
79ESPER.Io Software Services Private LimitedTop 100125Bengaluru
80Bacardi India Private LimitedTop 100347Gurgaon
81AllucentTop 100128Bengaluru
82Sterlite Power Transmission LimitedTop 100572Gurgaon
83CEIPAL Software Private LimitedTop 100352Hyderabad
84Crest Digitel Private LimitedTop 100301Gurgaon
85Inadev India Private LimitedTop 100293Kolkata
86Beyond Key Systems Private LimitedTop 100271Indore
87Coloplast India Private LimitedTop 100184Noida
88Crayon Software Experts India Private LimitedTop 100278Mumbai
89CrowdStrikeTop 100441Pune
90Genesys Telecomlabs India Private LimitedTop 100599Chennai
91Boston Scientific Corporation, IndiaTop 100792Gurgaon
92Kinaxis India Private LimitedTop 100229Chennai
93RNGalla Family Private Limited - Galla Foods DivisionTop 100166Tirupati
94Dorset Industries Private LimitedTop 100390Gurgaon
95ElectroMech Material Handling Systems Private LimitedTop 100464Pune
96Assurant Automotive Warranty Solutions India Private LimitedTop 100121Chennai
97Successive TechnologiesTop 100652Noida
98Remsons Industries LimitedTop 100218Mumbai
99DACHSER India Private LimitedTop 100452Mumbai
100Quaker Chemical India P Limited ( a Quaker Houghton Inc company in India )Top 100156Kolkata

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