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Celebrating Excellence: Certification Nation Day 2023 Contest Winners Shine Bright!

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Certification Nation Day (CND) is not merely an event; it’s a grand celebration of dedication and achievements, a worldwide acknowledgment of workplace excellence. From November 1-3, 2023, the Great Workplaces Community India united to recognize and honor the best of the best, celebrating the very essence of great workplaces under the banner of Certification Nation Day 2023.

What is CND?

Certification Nation Day is more than just a day on the calendar; it’s an exclusive celebration of commitment and achievements, a global salute to workplace excellence. It presents a significant opportunity for organizations to showcase their dedication, solidify their reputation as employers of choice, and foster a profound sense of belonging among their employees. Regardless of size or industry, CND is a celebration that transcends boundaries, honoring the unique cultures and success stories that make each workplace special.

Success Stories of the CND 2023 Contest Winners:

Larsen & Toubro Limited – CND 2023 Culture Champion Among Large Organizations

In the vast landscape of Construction, Infrastructure, and Real Estate, Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) has been a beacon of innovation and excellence since its founding in 1938. With a global presence in 50 countries and a workforce of 52,586 employees, L&T has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to dream, innovate, and create solutions that build a better world.

Their passion for excellence and commitment to a positive workplace culture are truly commendable. On Certification Nation Day, L&T took the opportunity to celebrate its remarkable journey by showcasing the transformative projects that have shaped a better future. From construction and project-related activities to manufacturing and engineering services, their multifaceted approach has played a pivotal role in building the Best Workplaces in India.

L&T’s story is not just about structures and projects but about the people who dream, innovate, and create. Their contribution to building a better world and fostering positive workplace cultures has been truly outstanding. Congratulations to L&T India for achieving the well-deserved title of CND 2023 Culture Champion among large organizations! 

Dive into the heart of excellence at L&T! Watch how they celebrated Certification Nation Day, shaping a brighter workplace future here.

H & R Block (India) Private Limited – CND 2023 Culture Champion Among Mid-size Organizations

In the realm of Information Technology, H & R Block (India) Private Limited, founded in 2017, has stood out as a global consumer tax services provider. With a staggering global workforce of 90,700 employees operating in 5 countries, H&R Block is synonymous with tax services, offering complete choice for consumers to get tax help on their terms.

What makes H&R Block exceptional is not just its industry leadership but its unwavering commitment to positive employee experiences and diversity. On Certification Nation Day, H&R Block actively participated in the initiative, using the occasion to celebrate their commitment to nurturing a positive, high-performing work culture.

Through a series of engaging social media posts, H&R Block showcased their dedication to credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Beyond just a tax services provider, H&R Block stands as a beacon of excellence in cultivating positive employee experiences. Congratulations to H&R Block for achieving the well-deserved title of CND 2023 Culture Champion among mid-size organizations!

Experience the H&R Block journey here. Watch how they celebrated CND by showcasing their commitment to diversity, excellence, and positive work culture.

Taking the Next Step

As we conclude this grand celebration, we extend an invitation to organizations across the country. Take the first step today and Get Certified to revolutionize your organization, ensuring a brighter, more successful future for your business and employees alike. Let’s continue to celebrate workplace excellence and inspire others to reach new heights!