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Demystifying Excellence: A Closer Look at Best People Practices in IT & IT-BPM 2023

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The IT and BPM industries are titans of innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology and efficiency. But their true strength lies not in algorithms but in their people. This blog delves into the meticulously crafted best practices of organizations recognized as one of India’s Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2023. 

First American (India) ‘s Blueprint for a People-First Culture.

First American (India) (FAI) entered the spotlight in 2017, earning a place among India’s Best Workplace in IT & IT-BPM, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. As a result of their unwavering commitment to consistently building and sustaining a great workplace, they bagged this recognition for the 5th time in 2023.

FAI’s impressive, ongoing trajectory reflects their consistent efforts as they continuously strive to foster and maintain a positive employee experience. Throughout their journey, FAI has broadened their list of accolades as they focus on creating a supportive and a welcoming environment for all individuals, while also being dedicated to the holistic well-being of people.

FAI’s dedication to fostering an exceptional workplace culture reaches new heights, as they rank as one of India’s Best Companies To Work For in 2023. Their journey towards creating an exemplary workplace continues to inspire.

First American India's Trust Index Score

FAI’s Formula For Employee Well-being

  • FAI believes that consistent communication is the core of building trust with employees. The Framework enables meaningful dialogues across the organization with the objective to listen with an open mind, assess the pulse and find resolutions with full transparency.
  • FAI recognizes that a credible organization is the backbone of a healthy employer-employee relationship. They endeavour to understand employee requirements and ensure to follow through with their commitments.
  • FAI’s employee Connects, play a foundational role in their 5 C’s framework, fostering a culture of empathy and mutual support. Different connect initiatives help build personalized engagement and connect with each employee.
  • FAI invests in Leadership competence, as well as individual development to ensure that teams are engaged with work and learning which improves productivity.
  • FAI supports its employees both at work and home to attain holistic well-being in turn optimizing their performance at the workplace.
First American India's for Employee Well-being

FAI makes a notable impact by showcasing a 6% higher positive score on overriding wellness sentiment, standing out amidst the overall dip observed in Health and wellness sentiment across Indian workplaces in 2022.

FAI: Crafting Success Through People Practices

Building a fraternity at the workplace where each individual yields better results by

bringing their authentic selves to work involves making employees feel respected and welcomed. FAI demonstrates that it genuinely cares for its employees through various initiatives. ‘Swasthya’ program offers holistic support—emotional, physical, financial. The Wellness Corner app conducts health assessments, provides online consultations; the Tranquil app aids in mindfulness and coping with stress. FAI also supports a hybrid mode of working to ensure flexibility at work.

Impact and Employee Speaks

Credible Leadership is the cornerstone of building a High-Trust Culture. FAI’s transparent and consistent communication fuels healthy employee-employer relationships at work.

Focus Group Discussion: Assesses well-being and critical issues, encourages feedback via anonymous surveys and ends with transparent action plans.

They implemented the ‘SMILE’ framework (Socialize, Motivate, Inspire, Lead, and Empower) to consistently build personalized engagement with each individual in the Business unit, hear their perspectives, and collaborate in their growth journey. Tenured Sta Connects has engaged employees for over two years tenure, with a focus on understanding aspirations, gather suggestions and create awareness about T&D, encouraging utilization of growth opportunities.

Impact and Employee Speaks

FAI’s competent Leadership is seen in action as they see ripple effects across the organization. They invest in individual development through various learning interventions.

Elevate Program @NPS: Nurtures talent with positive management, fostering Leadership by instilling confident decision-making and developing clear vision. Customized Learning Journeys: Tailored roadmaps for aspirational roles, enhancing skills, attitudes, and overall performance.

Impact and Employee Speaks

Pride in Unity: Aristocrat’s Inclusive Path to Workplace Camaraderie

Aristocrat’s consistent recognition as India’s Best Workplace in IT & IT-BPM is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering Trust between Leadership and employees. The company extends its efforts to embrace a comprehensive approach to employee health and well-being, reflecting its dedication to prioritizing care for its workforce.

The company actively fosters an environment where employees from various backgrounds feel valued, contributing to a rich, diverse, inclusive workplace culture. Aristocrat’s workplace culture, marked by vibrant Camaraderie, mirrors its dedication to an engaging and supportive environment. This not only earns external recognition but also fosters internal pride among employees.

Aristocrat’s Trust Matrix for A Thriving Work Culture

  • Aristocrats’ unwavering commitment to people’s safety and well-being, supporting physical, mental, financial, and emotional wellness through dedicated Leadership is the secret sauce behind a thriving workplace.
  • Aristocrat’s Learning and development initiatives empower employees to take charge of their careers at Aristocrat. Their a holistic approach to learning links business imperatives to employees’ growth aspirations.
  • Aristocrat cultivates Camaraderie through collaborative initiatives, encouraging team spirit and a sense of belonging.
  • Aristocrat’s inclusive culture ensures that individual differences are celebrated, and everyone gets equal opportunities to succeed.

Employees at Aristocrat report 7% higher positive sentiment in dimension of Camaraderie as compared to the IT & IT-BPM Industry.

Aristocrat: Crafting Success Through People Practices

When employees feel cared for, it enhances their morale through positive workplace dynamics.

Aristocrats believe in supporting their employees, especially in times of crisis, strengthening resilience and well-being.

Power Life – A complete well-being program offered through an internal portal supports employees in critical areas of mental and physical well-being.

Restore Resilience: A 12-week stress management program covers critical issues like sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

R U OK Day: Encourages checking in with friends, family members, and work colleagues.

September: Cerebral Palsy Alliance-led fundraising initiative engages employees.

Flexible and Remote Working Support Policy.

Impact and Employee Speaks

Promoting Camaraderie at the workplace is ingrained in Aristocrat’s value of collective brilliance as they believe in cultivating team spirit and an environment of mutual support at the workplace.

ShapeShifters Team: Drives engagement with innovative online/online programs for bonding, leadership connections, CSR, honoring support staff.

Power Plays Platform: Encourages celebrating colleagues’ values-driven achievements equipped with redeemable awards and e-cards. Friday box-office sessions: Led by subject specialists, promoting discussions, self-growth, empathy, and team camaraderie through films on sensitive topics.

Impact and Employee Speaks

At Aristocrat, People & Culture Business Partners collaborate with business leaders to

facilitate individual learning & development, unlocking employee’s potential for growth.

Women’s Leadership Program: Empowers female leaders through self-awareness, tackling self-limiting beliefs, and cultivating key skills.

Aristocrat Leadership Academy: Provides diverse holistic leadership training programs. Tully Platform: Dynamically supports individual growth, skill progression, and career planning, fostering company-wide engagement.

Impact and Employee Speaks

Charting the Future of IT Workplaces

In the challenging landscape of the IT industry, prioritizing workplace culture has become paramount for sustaining employee engagement. The industry has witnessed a decline in perception, underscoring the importance of addressing issues like diminishing workplace camaraderie. Organizations must proactively invest in employee well-being initiatives to rejuvenate workplace dynamics. Furthermore, fostering better Camaraderie and leadership excellence emerges as a strategic imperative. Leaders are crucial in steering organizations through these trying times, striving for excellence, and

inspiring teams. This holistic approach not only enhances employees’ well-being but also the team spirit, and upskilling but also yields substantial business returns. Improved retention rates, heightened productivity, and increased innovation opportunities are direct outcomes of a robust focus on these critical aspects. In navigating the current challenges, organizations that prioritize these elements stand to create resiliently and thriving workplaces, positioning themselves for sustained success in the dynamic IT landscape. Visit us here to learn more.