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How does Jade ensure its employee centric culture and build the trust with transparency and fairness at its core?

how does jade ensure its employee centric

With its impressive track record of 2,600+ successful technology projects, over 2,000 professionals worldwide, and 350+ cloud-certified professionals, Jade has established itself as one of the fastest-growing IT companies across 11 countries. What sets Jade apart is its remarkable growth, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to cultivating an employee-centric culture based on trust and transparency.

Jade’s journey in building its strong workforce and culture is worth knowing. Since its inception in 2003, its beliefs, strategy, and philosophy have been continuously demonstrated. They continue to be India’s Best Companies To Work For™ for the second year in a row and India’s Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2022. With this, let’s delve into Jade’s journey and explore how they have fostered a culture of trust within their organization.


How has Jade built the culture of trust with transparency and accountability at its core?

Jade strongly emphasizes transparency and open communication channels throughout the organization. CEO Karan Yaramada leads by example, conducting the Quarterly Business Status Meeting with the leaders and Quarterly All Hands Meeting with all employees at Jade, where he discusses the company’s financial and business performance. This inclusive approach ensures that all employees, including contractual staff, are well-informed about the organization’s progress. As an anchor of this meeting, the CEO makes it a point to ask pointed questions to help and coach the entire team to take complete ownership of the company’s betterment all the time.

Furthermore, Jade maintains an open-door policy, encouraging employees at all levels to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas. Skip-level meetings provide opportunities for direct interaction between employees and senior management, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where everyone’s input is valued. By creating a forum for open dialogue, Jade has built a foundation of trust and inclusivity, empowering employees to contribute to the company’s success.

People are the foundation of our company, and our culture is our greatest asset. I am proud of what we have built together and am honored to lead a team that values people above all else. Let us continue to cultivate a work environment where everyone is valued, respected, and supported, and where our collective efforts result in exceptional outcomes. – Karan Yaramada, CEO.

We frequently receive all-company messages from our CEO about business, recent wins, holiday messages, and sometimes personal musings on topics like the economy or social environment.

I feel like I know him better and understand his perspectives, which builds my trust in him. – Senior Director at Jade, USA

Management is always transparent with respect to business communications; they are there to support us. – Associate Manager at Jade, India

Every decision which would affect the way of working is discussed openly and fairly with the team giving us a heads up to the changes that are about to affect us, plus allowing us to raise any concerns or suggest new ideas to better the process. – Analyst at Jade, India

Fairness at the Core: Trusting and Valuing Employees

Fairness as a dimension of Trust Index™ is often the more challenging to sustain and improve as it is largely driven by perception. Jade has seen a significant increase in employee experience in areas around fair pay, a fair share of profits, absence of manager favoritism, and sustained scores on fairness in performance evaluation and promotions. 

Jade Global has the great quality to recognize the employees based on their performance and gives good appraisals and promotions to each employee.- Analyst at Jade India

One notable practice is their upfront trust in employees. Upon joining the company, all eligible employees in early and mid-career grades receive 100% of their variable pay upfront, along with their regular salary. This policy demonstrates Jade’s belief in their employees’ abilities and dedication without questioning their performance or long-term commitment. Although there is a clause for recovery if an employee leaves within the first year, this condition is communicated transparently to all employees from the outset.

In addition to this unique policy, Jade adopts a team-based decision-making approach for promotions and horizontal movements. Each promotion case is thoroughly discussed, with openly considered strengths, weaknesses, and performance data points. This inclusive process ensures that decisions regarding career progression are made collectively, fostering a sense of fairness and objectivity.

Jade’s approach to performance appraisal further reinforces their commitment to trust and transparency. They have successfully implemented two performance review cycles— yearly and mid-term. This allows new employees and their managers to engage in meaningful performance discussions early on rather than waiting for an entire year to receive feedback. The company invests in training sessions to educate managers on effective performance appraisal techniques. These sessions equip managers with the necessary skills to provide constructive feedback and guide employees in their professional growth.

To sum up, Jade’s remarkable growth and recognition as a leading IT company are a testament to its commitment to building an employee-centric culture based on trust, transparency, and fairness. By fostering open communication channels, practicing transparency in decision-making, and investing in continuous learning and development, Jade has created an environment where employees feel valued, empowered, and motivated to excel. As Jade continues to set itself apart in the IT industry, their unwavering focus on employee trust and well-being positions them as a standout organization and an employer of choice.