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Job Seekers Are 15X More Likely To Choose Certified Great Workplaces

Collage of Best Workplaces with Great Place To Work Certification Badge.

In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent requires more than just offering a competitive salary and a good benefits package. Job seekers are increasingly discerning, seeking out workplaces that offer a positive and fulfilling work environment. According to our recent studies, job seekers are 15 times more likely to choose certified Great Workplaces over those that are not. This trend highlights the growing importance of workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and organizational values in the decision-making process of potential employees. Certified Great Workplaces stand out by fostering environments where employees feel valued, engaged, and inspired. In this blog, we’ll explore why job seekers are gravitating towards these certified workplaces and how organizations can leverage this trend to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

The role of trust in great workplaces

Before we delve into the impact of trust on workplace dynamics, it’s essential to understand its significance in earning the Great Place To Work Certification. Our model is founded on the principle that trust is the cornerstone of an exceptional workplace. This is the key factor we evaluate when assessing companies for Certification. Through our Trust Index™ Survey, we gauge employees’ trust in their leaders, their sense of respect, and their overall workplace satisfaction.

Our research consistently shows that trust creates a pleasant work environment and drives substantial business success. Employees who trust their company are more engaged, productive, and loyal. Consequently, companies that achieve our Certification excel in trust, giving them a competitive edge.

Our research consistently shows that trust creates a pleasant work environment and drives substantial business success.

How companies Certified by Great Place To Work eclipse the typical workplace

Our research indicates that Certified (high-trust) companies distinguish themselves by having better leadership, more equitable promotion processes, and higher levels of employee engagement, with a significant number of employees expressing excitement about coming to work. These companies excel in retaining and engaging employees and promoting adaptability more effectively than the average workplace:

  • 39% more employees express their intention to stay with the organization.
  • 37% more employees feel capable of adapting to changes within the business.
  • 48% more employees are willing to go above and beyond in their roles.

Achieving Certification has become a national benchmark for a positive company culture. For a company to be certified, at least 70% of its employees must affirm it’s a great workplace. 

Companies that cultivate trust-based workplaces fundamentally transform the landscape. They create environments where employees genuinely want to be, which in turn drives business success. When trust is at the core of a workplace, it leads to higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity, ultimately resulting in flourishing businesses.

Certified great workplaces pay and promote their people fairly 

Certified Great Workplaces are distinguished by their commitment to fair pay and equitable promotion practices. They ensure that all employees are compensated fairly for their contributions and have clear, unbiased paths to career advancement. This focus on fairness fosters trust and loyalty and contributes to a more motivated and engaged workforce.

Great workplaces provide a sense of purpose and pride

Our research into top employee retention strategies has revealed that purpose and pride are the most critical factors influencing an employee’s decision to remain with an organization. Employees are:

  • 2.7 times more likely to stay when they feel a sense of purpose
  • 2.2 times more likely to stay when they feel a sense of pride

When leaders inspire their employees to take pride in their work and find meaningfulness in their roles, they cultivate a happier and more motivated workforce. At Certified Great Workplaces, employees experience these empowering conditions, leading to higher retention rates and a more engaged team.

Employer brands that stand out from the crowd 

Certified companies have employer brands that truly stand out from the crowd. These organizations are recognized for their commitment to creating exceptional workplace environments characterized by trust, fairness, and respect. By prioritizing employee well-being, fair compensation, and clear career advancement paths, certified companies attract top talent and foster loyalty and engagement among their workforce. This strong, positive employer brand sets them apart in a competitive job market, making them desirable workplaces and driving their overall success.

Great workplaces offer more opportunities for innovation

Great workplaces offer more opportunities for innovation by fostering an environment where creativity and new ideas are encouraged and valued. These workplaces cultivate a culture of trust and open communication, where employees feel safe to take risks and experiment without fear of failure. By providing resources, support, and recognition for innovative efforts, great workplaces empower their employees to think outside the box and contribute to the company’s growth and success. This emphasis on innovation drives business advancements and enhances employee engagement and satisfaction, making the organization a dynamic and forward-thinking place to work.

The Best Workplaces distinguish themselves by showcasing an impressive 18% lead in innovation metrics.

For both job seekers and HR managers, opting for Great Place To Work Certification proves to be a wise choice. It results in enhanced job satisfaction, heightened employee engagement, and a sustained positive work atmosphere. Embracing workplace certification boosts job seekers’ prospects of encountering excellent leadership and enables HR managers to utilize this certification as a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent within their respective industries. Visit here to learn more.