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Unlocking Excellence: Best Workplace Practices in India’s Great Mid-Size Organizations


In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s workplace culture, the nation’s mid-sized organizations have emerged as a powerhouse of innovation and employee-centric practices. This blog delves into the best workplace practices cultivated by some of India’s great mid-size organizations. Join us as we explore the winning strategies that attract top talent and inspire employees to thrive, creating a symbiotic relationship that fuels growth and success.

Cultivating Organizational Values and Sustainability: DHL Logistics’ Value Tree Initiative

DHL Logistics has launched the Value Tree Initiative with a clear objective: to promote and sustain organizational values globally and locally. This initiative achieves its goal through various communication channels such as performance conversations, team huddles, department meetings, and one-to-one connects. These interactions identify individuals who embody the company’s values and recognize their progress.

Implementing the initiative involves distributing “value leaves” to colleagues who exhibit aligned behaviors, fostering organizational appreciation and recognition. Importantly, any employee can present a value leaf, promoting a culture of recognition. Additionally, DHL Logistics plants a real tree for each completed virtual Value Tree, contributing to sustainability efforts.

The impact of the Value Tree Initiative is evident as DHL Logistics reports collecting 14 Value Trees over the past year. These tangible symbols represent the positive influence of the initiative on the organization’s culture and its commitment to values and sustainability.

Fostering a Culture of Collective Learning: ORIX’s Path to Success

ORIX has embarked on a mission to cultivate a culture of collective learning within its organization. The primary objective is to encourage open discussions regarding project failures and, in doing so, promote a culture of recognizing successes and transparently learning from setbacks. This ambitious undertaking is realized through a unique practice known as FAILCON.

Implementing FAILCON involves hosting a quarterly Failure Conference, a platform for exchanging and discussing valuable insights gained from failed projects. During these sessions, participants openly share their experiences, focusing on identifying the causes of failure and the lessons derived from these experiences.

The impact of FAILCON is substantial, as it accumulates valuable insights from failed projects. By openly discussing and analyzing these failures, participants can discern recurring patterns, root causes, and potential areas for improvement. This practice enhances the organization’s ability to learn from its mistakes and empowers employees to identify and address issues proactively. In essence, ORIX’s commitment to fostering a culture of collective learning through FAILCON facilitates continuous improvement and innovation within the company.

Unlocking Potential and Embracing Inclusion: F5 Networks Journey towards Excellence

F5 Networks is on a journey towards excellence by implementing a program that fosters technical excellence (TE) and champions inclusion, diversity, equity, and allyship (IDEA) principles. The central objective of this program is to maximize the potential of all employees by providing them with resources and opportunities, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups.

TE’s implementation strategy strongly emphasizes aligning with corporate objectives, integrating IDEA principles into its core operating model and programs, and proactively addressing any existing gaps through evaluations and interventions. Concrete actions include removing employment criteria based on experience, gender, or background from job roles. Additionally, F5 Networks is diversifying decision-making committees within the F5 Patent program, ensuring a broader representation of voices.

The impact of TE’s commitment to IDEA is visible through the tangible actions and initiatives it has set in motion to promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and allyship within F5. By dismantling barriers and investing in inclusion, TE strives to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in critical areas such as innovation and intellectual property creation. This program not only unlocks the potential of individual employees but also propels F5 Networks toward a more inclusive and innovative future.

Connecting Through Stories: Humans of Coupa Transforming Connections at Work

“Connecting Through Stories: Humans of Coupa Transforming Connections at Work” is an initiative with a clear objective: to nurture personal connections among colleagues within the organization while raising awareness about the unique individuals who constitute Coupa.

The implementation of this initiative draws inspiration from the “Humans of New York” concept and takes the form of a storytelling video series featuring employees. Initially launched as an internal effort during the pandemic, it has gained immense popularity, creating a public platform known as the “Humans of Coupa” website.

The impact of this website has been significant, evident in its high engagement rates and the inspiring stories it has showcased. The series has resonated deeply with employees, serving as a platform to highlight team achievements and garnering external recognition for the meaningful work it accomplishes.

In essence, “Humans of Coupa” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in forging connections within and beyond and exemplifies the positive impact that sharing personal narratives can have on workplace culture and employee engagement.

Thriving Together: Hilti Team Camps Promote Cohesion and Teamwork

“Hilti Team Camps” represent a strategic initiative designed to achieve several critical objectives within the organization. The overarching goal of these camps is to strengthen the company’s culture, address team-related issues, and promote reflection, development, and team cohesion among its employees.

The implementation of Hilti Team Camps is a well-structured process. These camps are conducted every two to three years as off-site workshops, providing employees with a dedicated break from their daily work routines to focus on matters directly related to their teams. During these camps, various activities include competitive games, one-on-one teammate sessions, strategy-focused discussions, improvement dialogues, and manager feedback sessions. These activities collectively enable teams to identify improvement areas and collaboratively develop action plans to address these issues.

The impact of Hilti Team Camps on the organization is highly positive. For instance, a camp themed around ‘Care and Perform’ effectively addressed performance pressure and stress arising from technological challenges. Overall, the camps have consistently demonstrated their ability to enhance team dynamics, elevate employee satisfaction, and reinforce the company’s culture as a cohesive and supportive community. Through these well-planned and executed activities, Hilti Team Camps have fostered a thriving workplace environment where employees thrive together.

Leading from Within: Pitney Bowes showcases Leadership Potential at all levels

The primary objective of the Pitney Bowes Leadership Team is to spearhead transformation, cultivate a culture centered around value creation, and serve as exemplars of the company’s core values.

To achieve this objective, the Leadership Team is annually chosen based on merit rather than entitlement. This selection process aims to ensure that the team comprises diverse individuals from various organizational levels, including women, people of color, and international members. This diversity in the composition of the Leadership Team underscores the organization’s commitment to recognizing and harnessing leadership potential at all levels. The impact of the Leadership Team’s approach is noteworthy.

It effectively drives organizational transformation, fosters a culture deeply rooted in value creation, and sets a powerful example of diverse leadership within Pitney Bowes. By showcasing leadership potential at every position in the company, this initiative empowers all employees to contribute to the organization’s success, regardless of their level or background. In essence, Pitney Bowes’ approach to leadership is about leading from within and harnessing the collective potential of its workforce to propel the company forward.

Collaboration for Success: Mindbody’s Product Roadmaps Bring Ideas to Life

At Mindbody, the product roadmap process is pivotal in achieving several key objectives. Primarily, it serves as a strategic tool for defining and targeting new product development efforts, aligning stakeholders across the organization, identifying market shifts, and fostering innovation within the company.

The implementation of this process is well-structured and begins with the advocacy of individuals who champion their ideas through a position paper. The goal is to align stakeholders and clearly define the problem the proposed product or feature aims to solve. The process then advances through review meetings and validation with users and the market, strengthening the ideation phase. Subsequently, a compelling business case is developed, complete with a detailed ROI analysis. This comprehensive analysis focuses on problem-solving, target audience identification, acquisition strategies, and delivery plans. Only a select few concepts that align closely with the company’s goals and market needs make it onto the product roadmap, which is widely shared with the entire team.

The impact of this initiative is far-reaching. It fosters a culture of collaboration among stakeholders and various departments, ensuring that all aspects of product development, including design, research, marketing, sales, and support, are thoroughly considered and integrated into the roadmap. Ultimately, the product roadmap process at Mindbody is a testament to the organization’s commitment to collaboration for success, where the collective efforts of its teams drive innovation and market relevance.

As India’s mid-sized organizations continue to rise, they remind us that success is not solely defined by scale but by the commitment to creating workplaces where every individual can reach their full potential. As we draw the curtains on this exploration, we are left with a profound appreciation for the dedication and innovation these organizations bring to the table, setting a high standard for the future of work in India. Visit us here to learn more.