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Are you a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace?

Great Place to Work® Institute and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) launch India’s first holistic inclusion assessment.

Great Place Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass Series

What is workplace diversity & inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion at the workplace are the actions taken
by leaders, managers and employees, that enable each other,
to bring their whole selves to work, with an intent to create
value for their customers, stakeholders and the community.

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3 questions that employees ask themselves

  1. Do my leaders believe in Inclusion, and are they role models?
  2. Do my managers exhibit behavior's that reinforce Equity & Equality?
  3. Is there a sense of belonging in my team?


The Great Place Diversity & Inclusion framework focuses on the fundamental blocks
of building a culture of inclusion

  • Leadership

  • Managerial

  • Workplace

  • Adequate

  • People

  • Impact on
    & society


  • Employee Feedback

    This comprehensive survey helps you assess if employees are experiencing a culture of inclusion. From leadership endorsement and managerial fairness to workplace interactions with colleagues, this holistic instrument helps you identify the needs for specific groups and highlights underlying biases.

  • Existence & Impact of People Policies

    Whether it is Women, Members of the LGBTIQ Community, Persons with Disabilities, Veterans, Millennials, or Opportunity Deprived Indians, we want to understand if you are a Great Place to Work FOR ALL! Well-rounded people policies ensure that you have mechanisms in place to take care of the diverse needs of various communities.

  • Impact on stakeholders & society

    It becomes equally important for organizations to be viewed as advocates by their industry peers and the community at-large. This section helps us understand the organization’s philosophy on diversity in relation to customers, vendors and partners as well as the community that they operate in.

Great Place Diversity & Inclusion offerings

Undergo our simple, quick, and comprehensive assessment of workplace culture & people policies, to arrive at your organization’s Workplace Inclusion IndexTM. The Workplace Inclusion Assessment:

  • Provides insights on a culture of inclusion, basis employee feedback
  • Benchmark with organizations in your industry.
  • Design and select effective sensitization programs, basis the need.
  • Define the role managers can play in building a culture of inclusion within their teams
  • Assess effectiveness and gaps in people policies

This Fundamentals workshop helps you structure your Diversity & Inclusion efforts keeping in mind the context and needs of your organization. Key objectives that we cover are:

  • Why is Diversity & Inclusion relevant to your organization?
  • Where is your organization in this journey?
  • How can you build an inclusive workplace?
  • What is the role of leaders in shaping a culture of inclusion?

The Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass Series is designed for D&I Leaders & HR Professionals.It helps you understand how to embark on the journey of building a diverse and inclusive workplace. The series is interspersed through 3 sessions spread over a quarter that allows participants to apply their learnings and progress on the next steps

  • What is workplace Diversity & Inclusion & why is it important?
  • How does one build a culture of Inclusion - Learning from the Best Workplaces
  • Define a Robust D&I strategy & roadmap with success measures
  • Role of leaders and managers in creating an inclusive workplace
  • Role of employees and building active and effective Employee Resource Groups.

This annual summit helps to challenge perspectives and redefine current trends in the space of workplace inclusion. Interact with Global leaders, experts and practitioners who are actively engaged in creating a Better World.


Great Place Diversity & Inclusion offerings