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Empowering Mid-Size Excellence: Unveiling the Impact of Workplace Ikigai on India’s Leading Organizations 


India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces™ has set a new standard by surpassing other workplaces in various aspects. They maintain a significant 9% gap in fairness, covering areas such as pay, profit-sharing, benefits, and work environment. Additionally, these top-tier workplaces excel in providing work-life balance and actively involving employees in decision-making processes. Let’s learn more about how these companies have done better than others in their sector.

Striking a Balance

In mid-size organizations, respect and credibility are pivotal in shaping workplace culture, fostering an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. The overall employee experience has remained steady since 2022, at 84%. However, it is worth noting that Best Workplaces are leading the way with a significant 5% advantage, reaching an impressive 89% Trust Index Score. 

Over the past year, there has been progress in certain aspects of workplace culture. The workplaces have shown an increase in respect, with a notable 2% improvement in work-life balance support and a 1% rise in training assistance. Despite these positive developments, a pressing issue that demands attention is the area of communication. Employees have expressed a need for better focus on communication, as the perception around both top-down and bottom-up communication has declined from the previous year. 

Recognition and celebration of work, support in employees’ personal lives, and assistance within the work environment all make employees feel respected and valued. Additionally, credibility and trustworthiness in leadership are crucial to building a solid and cohesive culture where employees believe in their leaders’ abilities and intentions. 

However, certain aspects require conscious attention to uplift the overall culture. Communication with employees is paramount, ensuring transparent and effective channels for information sharing. Alongside this, management reliability is pivotal in creating a sense of stability and dependability within the organization. 

By addressing these areas and proactively working to strengthen respect, credibility, and communication, mid-size organizations can enhance their workplace culture, leading to increased employee satisfaction and organizational success. 

The Upward Spiral

To ensure future success and growth, organizations and leaders must prioritize certain key areas: 

  • Prioritize benefits and a fair share of profits for all 
  • Amplify leadership and empower the trailblazers 
  • Sustain business competence and stay ahead of the curve 

By prioritizing employee benefits and profit-sharing, amplifying leadership capabilities, and sustaining business competence, organizations can create a strong foundation for future success. These strategic efforts demonstrate a commitment to employees’ well-being, foster a culture of innovation and growth, and ensure the organization remains competitive in an ever-changing business environment. 

2023 Workplaces Trends

Tailoring Workplace Culture

Industries hold unique challenges and opportunities, demanding tailored strategies. By aligning with these industry-specific focus areas, businesses can tackle challenges and seize opportunities for prosperity.

Industry Unique Challenges and Oppurtunities

Beyond Ordinary

Best workplaces stand out by going beyond ‘Must-haves’ to ‘Great-to-have.’

Must have’s

Essential for shaping organizational culture, must-have elements include an unbiased environment, a supportive atmosphere, and management competence with unwavering integrity.

Good to have

Adding to the employee experience, desirable elements encompass fair treatment and promotions, work-life balance, equitable pay, and participation in decision-making processes.

Great to have

Taking culture to new heights, exceptional elements entail equitable profit sharing and distinctive, unique benefits that set organizations apart.

Best Workplaces Drive – Fairness in Pay, Profits, Environment, Work-Life Balance, and Involvement in Decision-Making

Best Workplaces stands out as a leader in the diverse industry landscape, boasting a remarkable 9% advantage over Other Workplaces in “Great to Have” aspects.

Best Workplaces

Industries like Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Construction must refocus and re-imagine practices prioritizing employee benefits and equitable profit-sharing.

Best Workplaces

The Hidden Cost

Impact on Productivity, Retention, and Innovation

The consequences of neglecting a solid workplace culture and disregarding the incorporation of essential “good-to-have” and “great-to-have” elements are significant. A staggering 69% of employees in such organizations become highly susceptible to disengagement, leading to a profound sense of detachment from their work. This disconnection directly impacts productivity and the retention of valuable talent and can impede the fostering of an innovative environment that drives organizational growth and success.

Employee Disconnect

Workplace Ikigai: A guide to overcome Workplace Disconnect and enhance Productivity, Retention, and Innovation

Workplace Ikigai

Unveiling the Power of Workplace Ikigai is a journey towards retaining the best talent, optimizing productivity, and amplifying innovation. Organizations can align their efforts with a purpose-driven approach, ensuring sustained growth, engagement, and success by addressing Workplace Disconnect through the dimensions of Leadership Excellence, Personal Fulfillment, and Team Dynamics.

Investing in Workplace Ikigai yields impressive results:

– 3.5x more innovation opportunities

– 2x higher intent to stay with the organization

– 1.6x increased workplace productivity

Embracing Workplace Ikigai fuels innovation and loyalty and significantly enhances productivity, creating a thriving environment for success.

Unlocking the Self Factor: Personal Fulfilment Drives Talent Retention

When retaining top talent, the power of personal fulfillment cannot be overstated. It’s the driving force behind individuals’ unwavering commitment and engagement in the workplace. Anchored in facets like team pride (33%), role contribution (22%), work appreciation (23%), and a sense of belonging (22%), personal Fulfilment forms the bedrock of a thriving work experience. Notably, the research underscores its significance, revealing that those who find genuine satisfaction in their roles are twice as likely to remain dedicated to their organization.

This insight carries particular weight for the emerging purpose-driven generation, as an astounding 40% of these individuals will only remain loyal to an organization that effectively addresses their personal fulfillment prerequisites. By emphasizing these nuanced aspects of personal Fulfilment, organizations can cultivate a workforce that’s not just dedicated but also deeply connected to the core values and aspirations of the company, thus achieving higher retention rates and a more engaged workforce.

Driving Transformation: Nurturing Team Dynamics for Enhanced Productivity

In the realm of organizational success, the dynamics within a team play a pivotal role in driving high productivity. The orchestration and coordination of tasks (23%), an encompassing sense of care (26%), frequent recognition (27%), and seamless work transitions (24%) collectively mold strong team dynamics that fuel productivity.

Collaborative teams ignite motivation and instill dedication and a willingness to go the extra mile, leading to a remarkable 1.6 times increase in employee engagement and focus. Particularly pertinent for the driven older generation, the impact of solid team dynamics must be noticed. In its absence, productivity dwindles to 61%, underlining the crucial connection between cohesive teamwork and an organization’s overall performance.

Perspectives of employees across generations

Cracking the Code: Leadership Excellence Drives Innovation

The power of effective leadership cannot be understated, as organizations that prioritize and embody it witness a remarkable threefold increase in innovation opportunities for their employees. This significance is particularly evident among Millennials, where only 20% experience opportunities to innovate within organizations that need more leadership excellence. The connection between strong leadership and a culture of innovation is undeniable, underscoring the pivotal role that effective leadership plays in shaping an organization’s capacity for creative growth.

Perspectives of employees across generations

The Greatness Blueprint

Great Workplace CUlture Blueprint

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, unlocking employees’ potential and fostering a thriving culture has never been more crucial. The pillars of Workplace Ikigai—Personal Fulfilment, Team Dynamics, and Leadership Excellence—shine as beacons guiding organizations towards greater productivity, enhanced retention, and amplified innovation.

Personal Fulfillment empowers individuals to embrace their roles with pride and authenticity, creating a workforce that is not just engaged but deeply connected to the organization’s purpose. Team Dynamics weave a tapestry of collaboration, where each individual’s contribution is celebrated, nurturing an environment of unity and shared success. Leadership Excellence is the cornerstone of innovation, shaping a culture that encourages creativity and encourages employees to push boundaries.

By investing in these dimensions, organizations can transform from merely functional entities to vibrant ecosystems that attract and retain talent, fuel productivity, and foster an unwavering commitment to innovation. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work, Workplace Ikigai emerges as the guiding philosophy that addresses the workforce’s needs and propels organizations toward a future of growth, prosperity, and shared success. To learn more, visit us here.