Novus Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Pvt Ltd.


Why Novus Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Pvt Ltd. is a Great Place To Work

Novus Hi-Tech is enriching lives & businesses by its intelligent and industry-agnostic autonomous mobility and the autonomous robotic platform which delivers seamless co-working and collaborative environments in factories or warehouses globally. Our scalable and industry-leading platform unlocks the potential gains across productivity, efficiency, cost, safety and much more. Novus Hi-Tech has been at the forefront of delivering connected, collaborative, flexible material handling and movement automation that reduces the cost of operation while delivering increased efficiency and productivity for manufacturing and warehousing setups. With over 600+ robotic deployments over 90+ customers, Novus Hi-Tech has been innovating and delivering intelligent solutions to Automate MaterialFlow and on-road LogisticsFlow across the organizations using Computer Vision, AI, and Autonomous Mobility.


152 India - based Employees


Information Technology



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