India's Best Workplaces in Health & Wellness

Great Place to Work® partnered with MediBuddy to launch the ONLY public study in the space of workplace wellness to understand the building blocks of creating a workplace culture that fosters employee health and wellbeing, thus enabling high performance.

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The pioneering research captured the experience of over 9000 employees representing the voice of more than 1 million employees. Based on a comprehensive and rigorous assessment, Great Place to Work® has identified ‘India’s 10 Best workplaces in Health and Wellness,’ where the organisations have well designed practices for workplace wellness, and the employees have also validated their experience of a psychological and emotionally healthy workplace environment. The list is being published in alphabetical order.

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India’s Best Workplaces in Health & Wellness


  • Paul Dupuis

    Managing Director & CEO

    Randstad India

    I am a firm believer in being ‘fit to win’. Physical fitness has always been an important part of of my aim to perform at my best. Over the past year I’ve also come to realize the importance of mental and emotional health. All of this comes together to form what we call “wellness” at Randstad. Along with the engagement activities including yoga, and Zumba built around physical fitness, we also introduced an initiative called ‘be kind to your mind.’  The leadership team at Randstad India made a clear commitment to create an environment where our colleagues’ safety, health and mental well-being, came before business. Instead of starting our meetings with metrics and spreadsheets, we start with important questions like, “How are you doing?”, and “Let’s talk about some key initiatives around wellness”. We put people first, and business strategy and outcomes next.   Over time, the effort to foster a healthy cadence — a healthy mind, body, and a healthy workplace — gradually  translated into a culture of caring, compassion and behaviours rooted in the spirit of ‘one Randstad’. And our mantra was born; #InItTogether.

  • Rizwan Koita



    Employee must believe that the organization cares about their overall growth and wellbeing, for them to give their best.  Consequently, for a world-class employee experience, employee health and wellness has a deep impact on employee motivation and performance. The current pandemic and the need to alter our personal and professional lives has put more stress on everyone. It is now even more important for us to engage meaningfully with our employees and support their physical and emotional wellness.

  • Annu Mathew


    Cerner India

    For 40 years, we’ve worked at the intersection of health care and information technology to connect people and systems worldwide. We use the latest technology to create solutions that let communities and people engage in their health. Being a part of this pioneering study was welcomed by all our internal stakeholders as this was the only public study in India focused on workplace health and wellness. This was a perfect platform to benchmark with India Inc and get actionable inputs for both leaders and organizations to create a compelling and effective wellness program that fosters a healthy and high-performance workplace culture. I believe this is a great platform that several organizations can leverage to learn and share from each other.

  • Rajiv Burman

    People Partner Lead, India

    S&P Global

    Our experience on being part of this pioneering study was an exciting and fulfilling journey that we tread along with Great Place To Work, bringing to fore, our values that have never been more pronounced as we brought enhanced meaning to how we lead and care for our people, especially during the pandemic. With ‘employee wellbeing’ at the core of our people-first culture, there was a strong congruence with the six identified levers constituting the workplace wellness index.   S&P Global India is honored to be recognized as India’s Best Workplaces in Health & Wellness as we continued to foster a people-first culture.

  • Farhad Forbes

    Co- Chairman

    Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd

    "A high performance culture requires one's members (employees) to be committed and engaged.  And, to be both committed and engaged we need to be physically and mentally healthy and happy.  This is especially true in times of uncertainty where the uncertainty precipitates stress, as has been the case this past year while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.  Providing opportunities and encouraging our members to relax from time to time and improve their physical and mental well being should therefore be a high priority for everyone.  Furthermore, including the family of our members in these programs should also be as much of a priority.  It then allows for us to be even more focused, committed and creative, all of which are critical ingredients for a high performance culture."

  • Bina Patil


    Indegene Private Limited

    I am delighted to see how a study solely focused on health and wellness is being conducted by Great Place to Work. This brings employee well-being to the center stage and at the forefront of business discussions. At Indegene, caring is in our DNA, and being recognized for it reinforces our belief of being in the right direction. Studies such as the one at GPTW help you pause, reflect, and look at practices from an external perspective, which is necessary for improving and scaling them. Getting to understand how employees relate to our practices around health and wellness, their opinions and feedback are critical inputs for us to hone our practices further. On both counts, this pioneering study will help the organization and managers focus on employees as individuals, encompassing all aspects of health and wellness. And also drive new initiatives that further enhance employee health and wellness.

  • Anant Goenka


    CEAT Limited

    “We have always been pro-active when it comes to the health and wellness of our employees. Even before the pandemic, we had quite a robust plan in terms of further improving the overall wellbeing of our employees. Our Chief Fitness Officer has been constantly engaging with our employees to provide them with all the possible support they need to improve their lifestyle. Her role has only accentuated amidst the pandemic. We strive to make CEAT fitter & healthier which will significantly impact the overall performance culture of the company.”

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