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7 Ways to Celebrate Your Great Place To Work Certification

Great Place To Work Certified

The Great Place To Work® Certification™ is more than just a badge – it signifies that your company values its employees above all else. This milestone allows you to honor your workforce, connect with a global community of exceptional organizations, and establish your company as a coveted workplace. Now, how can you make the most of our Certification throughout the year beyond the initial announcement?

Here are some creative ideas we’ve observed other companies use to spread the joy year-round:

Share on Social Media

Offer your followers an exclusive glimpse into your company’s celebration. Share photos of your office party on social media and create engaging videos for Facebook. Don’t forget to use #CelebrateYourGreat, #CND2023IN, #GPTWCertifiedIN to participate in the nationwide conversation. You may also use the template provided in the celebratory toolkit or create your own version and spread the joy.

Certification Nation Day

Publish a Press Release!

This win is absolutely buzzworthy, and we’ve made it super simple to spread the word far and wide! You can use the PR template provided in our celebratory toolkit or get creative and craft your own. Get ready to share the excitement with everyone!

Host a Virtual Celebration

Even if your team has yet to return to the office, there are numerous inventive ways to celebrate remotely. Organize a virtual party with music, games, and shout-outs to your employees. For added flair, consider choosing a theme and coordinating Zoom backgrounds for participants. You may also use the Zoom backgrounds provided by Great Place To Work.

Acknowledge Your Team

Seize this day as an opportunity to recognize employees throughout your organization for their contributions to creating a remarkable workplace. While manager tributes are appreciated, peer recognition can be even more meaningful. Consider implementing a Secret Santa-style matching system to encourage thoughtful recognition among coworkers. One-on-one appreciation ensures that every employee has their moment in the spotlight.

Write a Blog Post

Share your Certified status on your company blog and elaborate on what this achievement means to your organization. Use this platform to proudly showcase your accomplishments and elaborate on the significance of joining the prestigious Certified Club.

Spread the word about your Great Place To Work profile page

Promoting your Great Place To Work profile page is a powerful way to highlight your Certified organization’s distinct qualities. This platform allows you to broadcast the exceptional aspects of your workplace culture to the world. It’s your opportunity to shine a spotlight on what makes your workplace truly outstanding and entice top talent to join your exceptional team.

Celebrate Certification Nation Day

Certification Nation Day is when all certified organizations across the nation come together to recognize and celebrate the best workplaces throughout the country. Join the global celebration of Certified great workplaces and discover their unique company culture. Be inspired by the world’s most successful and innovative workplaces from November 1-3, 2023.

If you’re searching for more celebration ideas, don’t hesitate to consult your team. The most inclusive celebrations are those that everyone helps create, reflecting the spirit of an inclusive culture within your organization. Visit us here to learn more.